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My First Blog

After a few years of encouragement and promptings from loved ones and close friends, I’ve decided to enter the world of the blogger. I am told many people still want to know my opinion on the current issues of the day. Honestly though, I was a bit intimidated by this new technology. As an old-schooler, I am so accustomed to my telephone, turntables and Cd players. However, I realize that to survive, one has to change with time and its many changes. Thereby, I am inviting all my many supporters, listeners, fans, and just about anyone else who wants to know what I think. Some recent issues that many had called to get my take including the Buju Banton saga, the Vybz Kartel madness, the recent death of Barry “Heptone” Llewellyn, among other subjects. Now that I have a blog to run off my mouth, I will do just that!  I am advised that a blog must be updated regularly (3-4 times per 24-hour) for it to be entertaining and have readers coming back again and again. That if I can’t commit the needed hours, don’t even think of starting a blog. Okay, I am committed!

Created in a magazine format, the blog @, will also carry the weekly New York and South Florida Reggae Charts (you know I cannot leave them out of whatever I do!) CD Reviews, New Releases, Breaking News, and other little goodies I want to offer you the readers. In addition, you can make your comments on just about any of the articles, discussions, and subjects, that you feel the need to, go for it, have fun!

Please bare with me, in time it will get better. In the meantime, spread the word, tell others, and let’s rebuild our family, show the newcomers how cohesive we are, welcome our new members to the family. All suggestions and great ideas are welcomed. Support our sponsors, and make a donation whenever possible.

With much love…

Sincerely yours,

Clinton Lindsay

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