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By Clinton Lindsay

Roots producer and mentor to Luciano and Sizzla, Phillip “Fattis” Burrell, died on Saturday, December 3, 2011 @ age 57, in the University Hospital, Jamaica, after suffering a massive stroke. In his honor and in remembrance of his outstanding achievement as a top recording producer and manager,  I dedicate this Top 50 compilation to his great accomplishments.

This compilation is culled from a combination of entries on the New York Top 20/30 Chart, and from other non-charted and personal favorites. Phillip “Fattis” Burrell first appeared on the radar back in the second-half of the 1980’s with songs from Pinchers and Sanchez on the Vena label. However, it was not until February 13, 1991, that his Xterminator label made its debut with the original version of Ini Komoze’s “Hot Stepper.” It was later  remixed in 1994 by Salaam Remi and became the international hit,“Here Comes The Hot Stepper!”  Burrell’s respect as an ace producer grew as he amassed a remarkable catalog of recordings from the likes of Cocoa Tea, Marcia Griffiths, Beres Hammond, Sizzla, Sanchez, Luciano, Nadine Sutherland, Capleton, and Pinchers. His first chart topper occurred on November 3, 1993, when “Good Life” by Cocoa Tea leaped into the coveted pole position. It stayed a whopping 7 weeks in the top spot, hanging around for 23, making it the No.3 record of the year 1993 and Burrell’s biggest chart success. Following closely is the combination of Luciano and Mutabaruka on “Psalms 24”  which also spend 7 weeks in the top position, but stayed on the chart for 18 weeks. Fattis’ other chart topper is “Sweep Over My Soul” by Luciano, which topped the chart for 3 weeks in 1997. On the other side, the Xterminator label’s worse chart showing was in 2003, when “Don’t Take My Love For Granted” by Sizzla and Tanya Stevens, entered the chart in the No.28 position, stalled in the No.28 the following week, then disappeared – a mere 2 weeks on the chart!


The following is Phillip “Fattis” Burrell Top 50 Songs.


Title Artist Year

1 Good Life Cocoa Tea 1993

2 Psalms 24 Luciano/Mutabaruka 1995

3 Sweep Over My Soul Luciano 1997

4 Never Dis The Man Sanchez 1995

5 Show It Off Beres Hammond 1993

6 Full Attention Beres Hammond 1992

7 It’s Me Again Jah Luciano 1995

8 Babyface Nadine Sutherland 1993

9 Praise Ye Jah Sizzla 1997

10 Israel’s King Cocoa Tea 1995

11 Almshouse Capleton 1992

12 He Will See You Through Marcia Griffiths 1994

13 Sweet Life Cocoa Tea 2001

14 Where Is The Love Beres Hammond/Sugar Minott/Tony Rebel 1993

15 Lord Give Me Strength Luciano 1995

16 Too Young Cocoa Tea/Buju Banton 1993

17 Forever Sanchez 1993

18 She Loves Me Now Cocoa Tea 1993

19 In This Together Luciano/Louie Culture/Terror Fabulous 1995

20 Thank You Chevelle Franklin/Lady G 1996

21 Praise Him Sancehz 1995

22 Stand Tall Capleton 1997


23 Babylon Ah Listen From A Far    Sizzla 1997

24 Ulterior Motive Luciano 1998

25 Hot Stepper Ini Komoze 1991

26 Jonah Luciano 1998

27 Everyman Has A Way Beres Hammond/Luciano/Tony Rebel/Louie Culture  1995

28 Reggae Boys Sanchez 1998

29 Rosemarie Sanchez 1992

30 Run Things Sugar Minott 1992

31 Hold On Beres Hammond 1998

32 Miss Good Looking Cocoa Tea 1993

33 If You’re Going, Go Nadine Sutherland 1994

34 Taking Over Sizzla 2001

35 Freedom Beres Hammond 1993

36 Nazerite Vow Tony Rebel 1993

37 What’s Happening Luciano 1997

38 Love Me Baby Marcia Griffiths/Tony Rebel 1992

39 Jah Blessing Luciano/Sizzla 1998

40 Rebel With A Cause Luciano/Jose Wales/Charlie Chaplin  1993

41 Dem A Try A Thing Sizzla 1998

42 Mr. Necktie Man Cocoa Tea 1998

43 Honey, Wine & Love Songs Beres Hammond 2000

45 Babylon Is Falling Cocoa Tea 1995

46 Feel The Power Cocoa Tea 2001

47 Lift It Up Again Pinchers 1987

48 Your World And Mine Luciano 1996

49 I Could Beat Myself Beres Hammond 1994

50 Africans Unite Luciano/Babel Maal 1997


Honorable Mentions


One A Way Ticket (CD/Album) Luciano 1994

Where There Is Life  (CD/Album) Luciano 1995

Full Attention (CD/Album) Beres Hammond 1993

Nadine (CD/Album) Nadine Sutherland 1997

Feel The Power (CD/Album) Cocoa Tea 2001











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  1. richard hanson says:

    Cocoa tea, isreal king I thought was bobby digital.

    1. mrlindsay says:

      during that period Cocoa Tea was recording heavily for both producers, and it was not unusual for producers to “loan” each other tracks for specific projects, so you could possible see a Digital project with that song, but it was actually produced by Burrell…now you know the fact!

    2. Brenley says:

      Super informative wiritng; keep it up.

    3. Lynn says:

      If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I’d say “Koawubnga, dude!”

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