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CHALICE: Let It Play (CD Review)

By Clinton Lindsay

Title:  Let It Play

Artist: Chalice

Label: Tad’s Records

Ratings: ****

In 2010, Ed Robinson had a big tune – “Our Heroes” – paying tribute to many of Reggae’s long forgotten stalwarts. In the lyrics, he asked whatever happened to “Chalice and Zap Pow posse?”  Within months, “Let It Play” became available. Did Ed Robinson know something was in the making? Or  that Chalice was in the studio working on this gem of a CD? Did Ed also know that Chalice got itself a very good new lead vocalist in the person of Dean Stephens? Coincidence? Good timing? My bet is Ed Robinson knew – good musicians stick together! After years of being off the recording scene, Keith Francis, Wayne Armond, Ervin Lloyd, and Steven Golding, have regrouped with Wayne Clarke and Dean Stephens, to form the latest edition of Chalice. And for me, this works! “Let It Play” showcases a nice blend of old and new sounds. There are those that complain that good Reggae music is no longer being made – not true! Just check out “Let It Play” and eliminate that false notion. I especially like Chalice’s take on Isley Jasper Isley’s 80’s hit – “Caravan Of Love”, and “Candle Burning” – its ode to the late musician Mikey Wallace. “In My Garden” is renaissance to the Chalice of the 80’s.  “Lovers Rock” can easily be labeled “Rock Away Pt. 2”, that Beres Hammond’s homage to Jamaican music/dance. Other outstanding tracks include: “Call Me”, Baby Girl”, “Dear Father”  “The Garden” and of the course the title track “Let Jah Music Play.” I don’t know much about Dean Stephens, or how he made the link with Chalice, but I am glad they have him now. His vocal fits well with those other seasoned composers and musicians. “Let It Play”  is highly recommended and will make a perfect gift for that  music enthusiastic you have around you.

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6 Responses to "CHALICE: Let It Play (CD Review)"

  1. Michelle Arthurton says:

    Clinton: Congrats on your new blog. Love it.

    However with respect to Ed’s “Our Heroes” that song was written approx 7 years before it was released. No, Ed did not know that Chalice was in the studio. But he loves the fact that these great singers and musicians are back.

    Again love the work you are doing on this blog. Look forward to reading more.

    1. Peggy says:

      You’re on top of the game. Thanks for sarhing.

    2. Sandy says:

      There are no words to describe how bodiacous this is.

  2. Mavrick says:

    Yo, good looikn out! Gonna make it work now.

  3. Cami says:

    And to think I was going to talk to smoeone in person about this.

  4. Thanks a ton for the excellent writeup. By the way, how could we communicate?

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