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Ramblings (12/9/2011)


Welcome….After 2 years of watching the Republicans beat up on President Obama, it appears he is now ready to fight back, he made that wicked speech in Kansas the other day, and since then, the man been on a roll, now I am kinda restoring faith in him again, for years I’ve been turned off by his gentle handling of the assaults from the Republicans and the Tea Party….I was wondering, rather, questioning my wisdom in voting for him, after all, Hillary was my original choice…hope he will stick to his guns and stop this “working together” crap…the republicans main goal is to make sure he fails..they say it demselves!  Oh, the idea of having Hillary running as his vice president is all fine with me, as a matter of fact, it’s a damn good idea, then again Obama is a “softie” and maybe don’t want to hurt Biden’s feeling…the Obama Hillary ticket is sure win!

So Jamaicans go to the polls on December 29, from what I’m hearing Andrew Holness will walk away with the victory, I am told he will win with a 20% margin, and that Portia will step down as president of the PNP after her lost…we will see – time will tell…yu know I have never voted in a Jamaican election, the last one I experienced was when Michael Manley was swept into office in 1971. I remember how we used to go from one meeting to another the same night…as kids, we were only interested in seeing those “pretty” politicians in person, seeing them in person was so cool, than seeing them on television…one night, both Manley and Hugh Shearer were in Spanish Twn, me and my little posse went to see Shearer and his group, and after seeing those “pretty” ministers, we went around the corner to see Manley and bunch, I had a crush on Beverley Anderson and when she came out of that car that night, man, it was like I was in heaven!  ,so  when I hear the horror stories of what happened later in the 70’s it makes me see how  lucky and peaceful my time was!



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2 Responses to "Ramblings (12/9/2011)"

  1. Shorty says:

    How could any of this be better stated? It cuodln’t.

  2. Nodin says:

    That’s the best aneswr by far! Thanks for contributing.

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