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Title: Higher Heights Revolution 

Artist: Everton Blender

Label: Island Splash

Rating: ***

“I am putting in 100% of myself, giving to the people lyrics that make them conscious and spiritual. I feel like I am shining a light of consciousness around the world!” declared Everton Blender, as he released his latest CD in five years. “Higher Heights Revolution” was worth the wait. It is one of Blender’s best releases since 1994’s “Lift Up Your Head.” This is a refreshing sound, a concerted effort by all the members on the production team, and players of instruments to ensure that this album is worthy of one of the long wait by Blender’s many fans around the world. “Higher Heights Revolution” was arranged, recorded, and mixed, in various studios around the South Florida area, where Blender has relocated in recent years. Isha Blender (Everton’s daughter) has made an outstanding contribution by lending her writing and vocal skills to this project. I am now waiting to hear her own solo production!

“Higher Heights Revolution” has just made its debut on both the New York and South Florida Album Charts, and should be around for sometime to come. Notable tracks including “Bubbaru” which opens the CD, and co-written by Everton and Isha. “Hold On In Deh” “When You Wrong” is laid over Dennis Brown’s “To The Foundation” riddim track, on this song, Blender is singing his conviction on the virtue of honesty – “when you wrong you wrong”  tell them Blender!  The Top Ten hit of 2010 – “Ali Ali Ho” produced by Lloyd Campbell of Joe Fraser label – is also included on “Higher Heights Revolution”  The track “Conference Table” is derived from The Chi-Lites 1975 hit “There Will Never Be Any Peace Until God Is Seated Around The Conference Table” (yes, it is this long!) and yet, no reference was noted to its writer Eugene Record, simply amazing in 2011! When is the Reggae industry gonna cease from this backward practice? Can you imagine the lawsuits if “Higher Heights Revolution” is to become a very big seller? Blender’s 2006 hit, “We Need Love” – produced by ace songwriter Hopeton Lindo, is quite a nice addition to this album. “Conserve” featuring Engee Dadon and produced by Shema Spencer, is a little unusual ditty, not expected from Blender.   “Tonight” features the Soul Vendors’ popular college rock riddim, and is one of the shining gems on the album.

All the tracks are produced by Everton Blender (except where noted) and again, it shows the level of consciousness of this son of Clarendon. Big things, and a long trip are expected from “Higher Heights Revolution” so get your ticket and get on board now.

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