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Ramblings 12/19

Welcome to my first blog for the new week, the last full week before Christmas…I hope you all had a peaceful, safe, and productive weekend. I want to thank everyone for the positive responses and good suggestions for my blog…so, here I was being a bit intimidated by this new technology I had to learn, I fought it for 2 years, and then boom! I am here blogging like crazy!  and who said you can’t teach an old dog a new trick?

It’s good to have Sir Rockwell back on the air, I checked out his “Golden Sundays” 12:00 – 2:00pm on WENX, check the website for his official schedule…a nice selection of tunes was played by this veteran of the industry…..Listening to him had me itching to get back on the air, let’s see what happens in the coming months…

Reports are saying that the poll ratings for that old fart Newt Gingrich, are beginning to drop, say what? So who will the republicans have to run against OBAMA? It’s my belief that as much as they are fighting Mitt Romney, he’s gonna end up being the republicans nominee, mark my words, Florida’s Mario Rubin may have a big role too…

All systems are rolling for the upcoming elections in Jamaica for the 29 of this month. The polls are showing Andrew Holness leading Portia Simpson in all demographics, from people I’ve spoken to, the nation is indeed in the mood for a younger leader…one colleague even reminded me that when Jamaicans look around and see all these other young leaders around the world (US, England, France, Germany, etc) they want a piece of the action “if a egg we inna the red”…he also said his source told him Holness will reshuffle the cabinet big time….I am just hoping it will continue being a peaceful and safe campaign leading into the 29.

I am just about to start compiling the top 100 songs of 2011, which will be posted here on my blog…been doing this thing now for over 20 years and still get a thrill when the time approaches!  I guess this is what people mean when they “do what you love, love what you do” – I am also doing Sugar Minott Top 100, due at the end of January or somewhere there about.

Have you noticed how today’s recording artist just a f**k up the Christmas carols? I mean, what the heck is going on here? don’t these singers have any souls in them? I was able to glance at some of these “so-called” artists on their Christmas specials on television, and oh my, such awful renditions of the standard carols, not even the words they can get right…my thing is “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”  me feel sorry for today’s generation, they are missing out on so much…I will just continue to  spend my Christmas with Nat King Cole and the Ray Conniff Singers!



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3 Responses to "Ramblings 12/19"

  1. Myshjua says:

    LOL…I am SO PROUD of you for bringing your talents into this new arena- the Word of God says that “your gifts will make room for you” and you are proof of that. You are right, though- the new renditions of the carols are bad enough (there are a couple of good ones) but the new Christmas songs can be REALLY IRRITATING…don’t care a LICK who Justin Bieber is “Under the Mistletoe” with!

    1. mrlindsay says:

      can you imagine me blogging? oh well, you never know…, thanks for your help, support, and encouragement

  2. Sir Rockwell says:

    Wow…to be mentioned in a Clinton Lindsay blog! Somebody pinch me! Pinch I said not punch! I have to agree with the “carols” situation; there is a term called “time honored”. We need to understand that there are some things that keeep us linked to the past…it’s called “tradition”. Our need to change everything we get our hands on is quickly proving to be our demise! As I read your blog and sadly agree with you, I have to come to terms that we have become our parents and grandparents. Their sayings have now become our mantras…wow, when did all this happen…Merry Christmas to all!!

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