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» DID YOU KNOW? » Delroy Wilson Instead Of Bob Andy?

Delroy Wilson Instead Of Bob Andy?

Did you know that when Bob Andy wrote “Let Them Say,” the intended singer was Delroy Wilson? Studio One founder, the late Clement “Coxone” Dodd upon hearing the song, agreed that the teenaged Wilson was the best candidate for the song. A session was scheduled for Wilson to voice the song but he did not show up. The decision was then made for Andy to sing it himself. The rest as they say, is history.
Can you imagine what the song would sound like with Delroy Wilson  singing it? I sure am curious. There are other hit songs that were not sung by their intended singers. Stay tuned for more of those.

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  1. Vinny says:

    Please teach the rest of these internet hoolgians how to write and research!

  2. Ivalene says:

    That insight’s peferct for what I need. Thanks!

  3. Margurite says:

    Could be hard to find educated individuals about this issue, however you be understood as you know exactly what you are dealing with! Thx

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