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Hits After Hits 5 (CD Review)


By Marlon Burrell

Title: Hits After Hits Vol.5

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Joe Fraser///

Joe Fraser Reccords began the Hits After Hits series in 2007 with a consistent formula that has been proven to be successful. Take some currents hits, add some hits from the recent past, throw in some gems from the not so recent past and we have a winning formula. The selections are also not limited to producer Lloyd Campbell’s coffers either, as selections from other producers are present in all volumes to date. In the latest edition, “Hits After Hits Volume Five, the Joe Fraser team sticks with the formula and we have another winner.

The CD opens with Latty Guzang’s 2011 hit “Run A Boat” which was produced by the artist and sets the trend nicely. The next track is Hezron’s “For Your Love,” a song currently on both the New York and South Florida charts and utilizes a splendid cut of the “Red Rose For Gregory” rhythm. Hezron’s vocal delivery is also stellar as he is reminiscent of Mikey Spice in both voice and delivery. Other highlights on this project includes Marcia Griffiths 2007 hit “I Told You” on the Chi Chi Bud rhythm (and was  written by Freddie McGregor and Screwdriver.) London  based singer Lloyd Brown shines on “In The Mood” and in “Singerman,” a duet with Fiona as does the late Roman Stewart on “Wolverton Mountain” (not the version he recorded in the 70’s.) Pam Hall’s rendition of the Bob Andy penned “Truly” never gets stale and the Dean Fraser instrumental “Park Medley” is just beautiful music.

Staying true to the formula used in previous volumes, a couple of gems that go further back are are included. The late George Faith’s cut of Ivory Joe Hunter’s “Since I Met You Baby” is a welcome addition along with Doreen Shaffer’s take on Delano Stewart’s “That’s Life” which was recorded in the mid 80’s. If you enjoyed previous volumes of Hits After Hits you will love this one also. If this is your first time purchasing one, you are in for a musical treat of pure niceness. Highly recommended for lovers of good clean reggae music of the past and present.

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