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Here we are again, at the end of another year. Really, it seems it was just the other day we were at this junction, 12 months have past? I guess when you are moving around, time seems to be a standstill…for all of us who have reached this moment, we must give thanks when you consider the many others who have not done so. For me, I give thanks everyday, remember, I never expected to reach 20 years old, much less 55! I’ve lived my father and his father combined ages (38) so who am I to complain? I thank God that the “19-year Lindsay curse” did not touch me, and I hope it is gone forever, that it will never befallen any of my descendents!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for showing such crazy support and the given encouragement for the work put into this blog. I wish I could reply to all your comments, but please take note that I do read them all!  Georgia been telling me for over 2 years now to start a blog, she kept telling me that people still want to hear from me and my opinions on the subjects of the day, but you know, after being in the public spotlight for so many years, I sometimes wish I could just go hide away somewhere, she disagrees, talking about a supporting wife? And to my radio family, I will resume my duties in a few weeks, The Foundation radio show “where it all begins” will be back online and on the air in a few weeks, check here for date and time.

Congratulations to Portia Simpson-Miller for her successful return as Prime Minster of Jamaica. In previous ramblings, I noted that the polls were showing Andrew Holness with a slight lead, most of my colleagues in Jamaica, have even confirmed to me the polls numbers…however, it is evident that the Jamaican people saw things differently, and spoke with a resounding voice! Now is the time for everybody to strap up their boots and put Jamaica first. Did you notice that in 2011 Jamaica sees 3 heads of state? Bruce Golding, Andrew Holness, Portia Simpson-Miller, and it was not a coup? Let’s hear it for the democratic process!  Really, Jamaica has come along way in its politics since the turbulence tribal feuds of the 1970’s, just think about it.

While Jamaica is getting her house to together, all eyes are on the Republican primary on January 3, the polls keep going topsy-turvy for these 7 losers! I mean, one minute Newt Gingrich is leading, then it’s Mitt Romney, now the racist Ron Paul is on top, come on, who next?  Did you hear Sarah Palin is considering throwing in her hat in the race? yeah, sure, let her come in (for her second beating) the more the merrier, by November, the eventual nominee will be so beat-up and bruised, it will be “a piece of cake” for Barack Obama. Man, I can’t wait for that campaign to get on the way. It will be sweeter than ’08, and lest we forget, recent polls show that the Latin vote is staying with Barack!

Please have a safe and peaceful new year, I am looking forward in seeing you all in 2012. Again, thanks for the support, you have made my staying-up late, the hours researching, and the elimination of my fear of blogging, all worth it. Special thanks to Georgia Lindsay (I’ve always loved you) Marlon Burrell, Myshjua Archibald, Byron Kerr, Short George, Patricia Mullings, Garvis Hall, Bevan Brown, Madge Barnes, Rannie Brown, and all the other unsung heroes who have made 2011 a special year for me, and I ask for God’s richest blessings on you and your family. Happy New Year!

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