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Welcome to another ramblings…Now that we are into the new year, lots of people are asking, rather, wondering what does this new year bring to the table? Will it be the end of the world as some have predicted? will natural disaster triple? will the world’s economy worsen? will human and political conflicts get better or worse? No one can say for sure, only God himself know, therefore, we will all have to watch and see what the next 12 months bring. In the meantime, we should play our little part in ensuring that 2012 will be a good and productive year!

It’s official, Portia Simpson Miller – Prime Minister elect – will be sworn in tomorrow, Thursday (5), making it her second time at helm. From reports reaching me, just about everyone is excited and delighted for her, and for the change of leadership. A few is still scratching their heads in disbelief as to how the JLP got such a terrible trashing at the polls! I guess in time, the pundits and experts will figure it out…I think we should just put all that behind us now, and move on to nation building. The people have spoken, and it time to move on, let’s pray for Mrs. Simpson and her new government, so that they can do the right thing for the people of Jamaica.

Word is that Shaggy & Friends Charity Concert scheduled for this coming Saturday (7) will be the most successful of all! I heard that the donations are coming in at a rapid speed, and the entertainers are lining up to donate their services. Lauryn Hill has already arrived in Kingston and is gearing up to go on stage. In addition, I am told the sponsors, both large and small, are also stepping up to the plate. Congratulations to Shaggy and his production team…and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you guys all the very best!

So, last night Mitt Romney “won” the Iowa caucuses by 8 votes? well done Mr. Romney, all those million of dollars spent on ads, just to beat Rick Santorum – who did not spend 1/10 of that amount, a man who entered the race just over five months ago! Just why is it that the Republicans don’t like Romney? I don’t know, but for me, there is something about Romney that bother me, whenever I see him, there is this feeling that he is not be trusted, I don’t know, it’s just eery…however, I believe he will end up being the GOP’s nominee – in spite of their dislike for him…he has the money and the organization over his opponents, and that’s what it takes to win an election…but just wait until Barack catch him, we will show Mitt Romney who is boss around here!

Lest I forget, thanks to everyone for the support of this blog…it is a work in progress, I am learning so much, and still have a lot more to learn.


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