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Welcome to my ramblings for today…how has the new year been for you thus far? I hope you all are beginning to see a little light at the end of your tunnel…for me, I am feeling very optimistic for 2012, I mean, how worse can it can? I was talking to a brethren in Jamaica, and he was telling me how optimistic he was feeling for this year, saying the new government there is really making folks feel good again!  He said one about the PNP, it always makes the poor man “eat some food” and how when JLP in office, only certain people benefit. I was telling him I understand that optimistic feeling, that feeling of hope, because that was the way I was feeling when Barack Obama was elected…I told him I would never again let any political leaders or party lead me down the road again, I told him that most people who voted for Obama are disappointed in his leadership, how he let the Republicans have their way with him, how he sucks up to them too much…now he is showing a little backbone, which might be too late for many of his supporters….my friend said we should give him a another chance!

For 2012, I made 2 resolutions, like most of us, we make resolutions, but have hell in keeping them…however, my 2 little ones are not that difficult to keep…the first one is to take better care of me, Clinton Lindsay! meaning? I am learning to cook more of the food I eat, I’ve decided to eat out less this year, I am learning to steam cabbage, broccoli, and other vegetables, plus I am learning to bake too!  you know, yesterday, I made some muffins (yum yum) man, I am on a roll! … and no matter what, I am determined to learn how to cook RICE! gosh, I find it so hard to cook a decent pot of rice, it is always overcooked, undercooked, too soggy, etc…I just can’t get it right…yeah yeah, I know you are saying “him can’t cook rice?” yes, I can not…from day one, I’ve had problem with it…trust me though, this year I will break out of the pack, delicious rice? here I come! …and while in the kitchen, making shakes is another thing on my list…it’s much better when you can add your own ingredients into your shakes, you control what goes in…and my shakes are oates-based with banana, raisins, almonds, walnuts, and other little goodies added to give it that right kick!

Secondly, my other resolution is to take my walking more seriously, for 4-5 days per week, I try to get in 2.3 miles of power walk, the route I’ve chosen is 2.3 miles from start to finish, so I can get up to 10 miles per week, and for a man my age, that is good! When I started, it was taking me between 55-60 minutes, yesterday it took me 50 minutes! the more I do it, I realize my pace picks up, therefore I am walking much faster, so who knows, maybe by the summer (if I keep it up) that same distance may take 40 minutes…man that would be great….well, I hope you are having some kind of success with yours (whatever you chose) to be your new year’s resolution(s)…good luck to you!  I will keep you posted on my progress on both of these resolutions…stay tuned…

While all of that is going on, I have returned to The Foundation Radio Network, Monday – Friday 12:00 – 3:00pm. The program can be heard via this blog (see the home page for links) in addition to popular web sites like www.,,, and more to be added as time goes on….help me to spread the word by telling all your friends and associates, neighbors, and co-workers. As usual, the music and information are tops on the list…I present the New York Top 30 Countdown on Fridays at 2:00pm, so please join me….oh, please leave me a comment, I need to know how you guys feel about my blogs, trust me – those comments are very important! ….talk to you later….




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