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Welcome…Hoping that the new year and its trappings have been good to you thus far…most people I talk to keep telling me how optimistic they are, and I am just wondering, is the optimism just a cover up of the fears and anxiety a lot of people are feeling about the predicted events for 2012?…if to believe, the world is scheduled to come to an end by October, and in other quarters, the “big one” is supposed to hit California, and World War 3 is also on the calendar. I mean, how many terrible things can happen in just one year? then again, if the world is to end this year, it will definitely take all these events to do it!  So, folks could indeed be shielding their fears with this optimism, and why not? why not mask the fears? It is always better to think positive and put on a smile…may God help us all!

I just realized I’ve miscalculated the true distance of my morning walk, previously I said it was 1.3 miles, but wifey showed me how I’ve erred on this pedometer, so the true reading is 2.8 miles from start to finish! That’s right, 2.8 miles per walk, and that is high pace walk, if you don’t mind… and 4-5 days per week aren’t too bad for a man over 50 like me!

Congratulations to Singing Melody for releasing such a superb album like “They Call Me Mr. Melody”   it is now officially released by VP Records, trust me, it is really good album…I will give it a review over the weekend, so watch out for that. In the meanwhile check me out on the radio to hear some selected tracks.

Thanks to the various web sites for carrying The Foundation Radio Network, Monday thru Friday from 12:noon to 3:00pm. The feedback has been remarkable, thanks to,,, and The listenership increases just about everyday, and still other web sites are asking to come onboard. After all these years, it feels good to believe I am still relevant and needed, thank you guys…

Do you get the feeling, that this time around, the PNP and JLP seem to want to work together? I mean, I am under the impression that Portia Simpson Miller and Andrew Holness really like each, but due to party politics, they really can’t show it…some of you might say I am being naive, but that how I am feeling based on how I am reading those 2 body language, and at her swearing-in she referred to Andrew as her “son”…this would be so good for Jamaica….and do you notice how Omar Davies has been keeping a low profile? while Peter Phillips nuh stop pushing up himself? and where is Bruce Golding?  The man just disappeared so…I pray and hope the 2 parties can cast their differences aside, and just work hard to help Jamaica and her people!

So Mitt Romney been hiding millions in off-shore banking, why am I not surprised? I keep saying there is something cynical about this man, I just don’t trust him…now the official results out of Iowa show he did not win that caucus..I thought the Republicans knew how to run an honest election, yet they accused Acorn of election fraud? please gimme a break!  that idiot out of Texas, Rick Perry, is getting out of the race, what took him so long?..all the Republicans know how to do is to vilify Black and minority people!



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