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CD Celebrates Diversity at Miami Vineyard Community Church

Almost one year ago, the Miami Vineyard Community Church worship team gathered with their 2000-plus member congregation for a night of worship unlike that found in most other local churches. Under the direction of P. Jorge Respeto, the group led the church in an evening of worship music, mixing the diverse cultural and musical influences of Latin America, the Caribbean and southern United States. The experience was described by some as a “bi-lingual liturgy filled with many flavors”.

Vineyard Worship, the music company affiliated with the Vineyard USA church movement, was on hand to record the event for an album that is released this week in Miami and across the US.

Miami, Florida is a city with a rhythm all its own. On any given weekend in Miami you can hear that rhythm pouring through the windows of cars, clubs, restaurants and yes, some churches. For five services (two Saturday night and three Sunday morning) the worship team at Miami Vineyard Community Church blends the musical traditions of its diverse congregation. “Our church has members from every part of Miami’s culture and we want them all to be able to connect with the love of Jesus Christ no matter what musical or religious tradition they are coming from,” said Respeto.

The album entitled MIAMI VINEYARD LIVE features new arrangements of popular songs from the Vineyard Music catalog (“Lord Reign in Me”, “If You Say Go”) as well as several original songs written by members of the worship team (“Holy Spirit Come”, “Gloria A Dios Solo”). The album is filled with varied musical accents: Latino claves, gospel two-step, funk, soul and delay-laden rock guitars of modern worship.

The project caught the attention of Grammy Award winning gospel music icon Rev. Donnie McClurkin and he invited the MIAMI VINEYARD LIVE band to participate in the Miami leg of his Perfecting Music Conference.


About Miami Vineyard Community Church – Changed lives. That’s the story in a nutshell. More than 20 years ago a handful of people launched the Miami Vineyard with a dream of seeing people experience the love of God and the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. Today that vision lives on as thousands of people from all races, nationalities and walks of life come together at the Vineyard to worship God, learn about His love, and share it with the South Florida community. Signature events and outreach programs include Light the Night, Free Giftwrapping, and Free Movies in the Park. For more information visit

About Vineyard Music – Vineyard Worship exists as an organic extension of the Vineyard church movement in the USA (Vineyard USA). It is, in a phrase, “from the church, for the church”. As first and foremost a non-profit worship ministry Vineyard Music’s central agenda is the cultivation and empowerment of the core value of worship or more simply put “to help the local church experience God”. For more information visit

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