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Welcome….right off the bat, LET’S GO GIANTS!!! Congrats to the New York Giants for making it to the Super Bowl, it was really a nail-biting game down to the final seconds. I am not a football fan per say, but had to pay attention to the playoffs, and with a New York team in there? so my loyalty must be with it…really though, I am really a New York team supporter, but, since I’m now in South Florida, I have grown to love the Miami Heat over the New York Knicks. Other than that, I throw my support to New York teams in whatever sports it might be – (Nets, Islanders, Yankees, Mets, Rangers – even though I don’t know one damn thing about hockey!  Once it’s a New York team, I am rooting for it!  Hey, what do you expect of me? I spent 29 years in that Mosaic melting pot…

One of today’s stories on our front page is that Oprah Winfrey has predicted that President Obama will win a second term, now, who is gonna argue with Oprah? when she said so 5 years ago most people asked “Barack who?” I truly believe he is easily gonna trounce whosoever the Republicans put up against him…and from how things look now, it’s either gonna be Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney – two weaklings for Obama!  I am also hoping that this campaign between Romney and Gingrich drags on for a few months, so by the summer, both will be so beaten up and battered, Obama will just come and clean up the mess!  My money is with Mitt, he seems to fall apart under pressure, and the DNC will certainly gonna turn it up pon that nominee…

Over the weekend, I received an album (Situation) from Allan Kerfew, out of New York City, it has some really good tracks on it…Allan has been around for some time now, however, I have never heard of him, but now I am glad the contact is made…I will be showcasing his album on the Foundation Radio Network in the weeks to come…I am already loving his combination with Bigga Haitian on the Paragons’ classic “My Best Girl”…over the years, other artists have covered this song, and it’s nice to hear it being updated for the 21st Century…good work Kerfew and Bigga Haitian! Remember now, the Foundation Radio Network is heard Monday – Friday from 12:noon – 3:00pm EST…by the way congratulations to Christopher Martin on capping his first No.1 on the New York Reggae Top 30, his “Cheater’s Prayer” has dethroned  “Live Your Life” by Richie Stevens and Gentleman, who will make a special appearance at Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival this coming Thursday night…another special appearance being talked about for Jazz & Blues, is Diana King joining Celine Dion to do their song “Treat Her Like A Lady”…wow, that will an awesome performance! ….thanks to everyone for the kind words and support, keep them coming and visit everyday!





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