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With the advance of recording technology, it makes it much easier for individuals (talented and non-talented alike) to take on the role of singer or record producer. This eventually results in people like me getting a ton load of “”tunes” every minute, of every day!  Now, I have more tunes to “audition” when making up my playlist. Granted, there are a lot of good tunes coming from good singers and dee jays, however, there are an equally amount of horrible tunes coming from terrible singers and dee jays! The fact is, I do get more bad songs/singers/dee jays than I get good ones. I mean, it seems like everybody is a singer or a dee jay now, thanks to ProTool and the lot!

The other day, I was complaining to a colleague on this same subject, he was telling me that the same thing was happening to him, and how he can imagine the volume I was getting. He then stated “Mr. Lindsay, look at it this way, this is a testament to your effectiveness of breaking artists and songs over the years…so many people wish they had the influence and track record like you – myself included!” With that said, I took away from my conversation with him that this is one of the prices paid for doing what I do, I mean, I think there is a compliment in there somewhere.

In spite of the ton load of stuff I get, I do take the time to listen to just about all of them – it just takes up so much more of my time. According to my colleague “from what I know aspiring artists want to be on your playlist…everyone one of them that send me a tune always beg me to make sure I pass it on to you…”  And that I can understand, but man, it can be so over bearing at times. Keep in mind, the established singers, dee jays, and producers are still submitting their stuff to me too. What to do?

Oh well, duty calls… I guess I better shut up and go listen to some tunes waiting for me in my mailbox, and bear in mind what my brethren said, ” there are not too many Clinton Lindsays around today…”

Mailing Address:

The Foundation Radio Network

4747 Hollywood Blvd.

Suite #216

Hollywood, FL 33021

Below is a partial list of some of the new songs (and artists) that are on my current playlist:

In no particular order:

1. Someone Like You…Nadine Queen           (thanks Rula Brown for bringing this to my attention)

2. How We Living…Cherine Anderson

3. My Best Girl…Allan Kerfew w/Bigga Haitian       (thanks DJ Roy for bringing this to my attention)

4. Loving Her Was Easier…Noddy Virtue

5. I Hate Love…Lenya Wilks

6. Queen Majesty…Heavy D      (thanks Francine Chin for bringing this to my attention)

7. Smile…Singing Melody w/U Roy

8. 24/7…Eljai         (thanks Russell Gerlach for bringing this to my attention)

9. Leave The Crumbs Alone…Taddy P w/Mackie Conscious

10. Herbie…Lady G      (thanks Tony Ryan for bringing this to my attention)

11. He Save Me…Junior X w/Alborosie

12. Denial…Fayann Lyons

13. The Wedding Song…Shaggy w/Rayvon

14. Tall And Sexy…Sophia Brown

15. We Going To Be Alright…Assassin

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