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March 1, 2012



Artist: I OCTANE


CRYING TO THE NATION is I Octane’s long overdue debut album, and from the reaction of his many  fans worldwide, it was worth the wait! Veteran producer Robert Livingston was brought in to work the new stuff, while a couple of previously released singles are included to give his waiting fans the sixteen-track CRYING TO THE NATION. 

Without hesitation, my favorite cut is the well-arranged “Rules Of Life” which gives me a different outlook of this artist, an artist I believe sounds too much alike on most of his songs, and who up to this point, has not shown much versatility as an artist with growth. However, on “Rules Of Life”, producer Robert Livingston brings out an I Octane that people like myself are hoping and wishing for. On “Rules Of Life” he illustrates that he can be versatile – but when called on. Thanks Robert, for not allowing him to introduce label, production company, producer, etc. on the first note of this outstanding track! With that said, I Octane is one of the most in-demand artists on stage as well as on records. His mostly young female base go crazy wherever he appears – so it is indeed paramount for him to cater and satisfy this legion of female fans, who are generally not into lyrical content as much as they are into “him cute eeh?”.

I Octane has the potential to be more than just a “pretty dread” artist. In time, and with producers like Robert Livingston, I Octane will move away from the light weight, hype type dance hall stuff. He will eventually graduate into a top flight in-control artist, a reminiscent of Capleton of the past fifteen years. And if CRYING TO THE NATION is any indication, the music world will one day have on its hand a very conscious, visionary, contemporary, provocative, and serious artist in the form of I Octane!


Among the previous released tracks on CRYING TO THE NATION are the chart toppers  “Lose A Friend” “Puff It” and “Nuh Love Inna Dem.” Outstanding duets with Tarrus Riley on “All We Need Is Love” and with Alborosie on “Space For All Of Us” are worthy of attention. Other good tracks include “Crying To The Nation” “No More Violence” “The Master’s Plan” “Help I Please” and  “System A Beat Dem.”



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