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May 30, 2012


Baron McKenleyPrince Buster

Spank 1 recording artist Baron McKenley aka Breezy McKenely is popularly known as the tribute man. To date he has recorded over 16 tribute songs in a career that spans over 3 decades. He has also recorded and released 11 albums.
“I have done tributes to Fats Domino, Princess Diana, Bob Marley, Lennox Lewis, Oprah Winfrey, the people of Haiti and Barack Obama to name a few. A lot of people know me around the world as the tribute man because of these songs.
The baritone voice crooner who describes himself as a gospel/cultural artist said he loves to record these types of songs as it gives him an opportunity to pay respect and honor to individuals and peoples who he admires.
“If you pay close attention to the people who I pay tribute to in my songs you will realize they are all great people who have made their mark on the world. When I did songs like the Tribute to the people of Haiti for example, I did it because the Haitian people have seen so many hardships but despite all that they have been through they are not giving up, they are a very strong people,” said Breezy.
He recently released his latest single which is titled Prince Buster’s Anniversary. The song is a remake of the Ska legend’s 1963 smash titled They Got To Come.
“I just released my 17th tribute song, I did this one especially for Prince Buster, it’s a special remake of one of his biggest hits called They Got To Come. Prince Buster is one of my greatest musical heroes and he holds very special place in my heart, he is a true giant of Jamaican music.”

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