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August 5, 2012
Bunny Rugs
Bunny Rugs

By Davina Henry—-

Lead singer for one of the longest-running reggae bands, William Clarke, more popularly knows as Bunny Rugs, is gearing up for the release of his fifth solo album titled Time.

Having been nominated 10 times for the prestigious Grammy Awards, there is still no slowing down for Rugs, who continues to mesmerise audiences with his sound.

The artist told The Sunday Gleaner this album has been three years in the making. According to Rugs, he was focused on releasing Third World’s album before dropping his own. With a September 11 release date, Rugs promises fans wonderful tracks.

Rugs is also busy promoting one of his latest singles Land We Love, which has been getting recognition both locally and internationally. The song was originally written in 2006 but was recorded last year.

“I wrote the song in 2006, it really wasn’t designed for the 50th Anniversary. I saw it in March of last year and recorded it. The reception has been surprisingly, fantastically wonderful,” Rugs said.

With Jamaica celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary, and Third World celebrating its 40th next year, the entertainer also mentioned the recent controversy surrounding the Jamaica 50 song.

According to him, the Jamaican people should have been given a chance to decide on the song.

Third World is also gearing up for the release of a 40th anniversary celebration album. The album will include old and new songs. A Third World ‘world tour’ is also slated to take place with the release of the album.

Although music is his first love, Bunny Rugs is also passionate about his charitable work with the Jamaica Children’s Heart Fund.

What started out as seven nurses and doctors from the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Miami using their vacation to perform open heart surgery on children in Jamaica for free, has now expanded and has been renamed Chain of Hope.

“It’s really been a great mission, and I must also commend Shaggy for his work with the Bustamante Hospital for Children. Doctors from England have also joined the Chain of Hope team, but we need as much funds as possible to help. You should see the faces of the parents whose children we have helped, it’s priceless. We really need to highlight that these children need help,” Rugs told The Sunday Gleaner.

Bunny Rugs said he was blessed to have his group members who are very supportive of him, especially with his solo career.

“It’s very easy when you have partners who are very supportive of my effort. I don’t really see it as a solo career, I see it as an extension of Third World. I have one of the best jobs in the world, I look forward to each day to go on tour and fly the flag of Jamaica high,” he said.



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