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August 16, 2012


Squeeky Plus

International dancehall recording artist Squeeky Plus is riding a wave of success with his hit single titled Phat Like A Mud Fish. The song that was produced by Stephane Moreau and Recorded at Murphlock Recording Studio in New York is currently blowing up FM radio.

According to Squeeky Plus Phat Like A Mud Fish is extremely popular in New York and the Tristate area.

“Phat Like A Mud Fish is getting crazy love in the New York area and it’s spreading like wild fire, it’s big in the clubs, every party you go to they are playing it.”

The YouTube video for Phat Like A Mud Fish is also attracting a lot of attention on the Internet, it has received over ten thousand hits so far.

“The You Tube video is also doing great, it has received over ten thousand hits already, I’m also getting a lot of likes on my Facebook page,” said Squeeky Plus.

The artist also revealed that he plans to shoot an official video for Phat Like A Mud Fish in the near future, as he intends to intensify the promotion on the song internationally.



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