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August 25, 2012

Singer Advoket ——–

Attorney and dancehall artist Charles ‘Advoket’ Ganga-Singh has landed a role in a major motion picture that is scheduled to start filming in the United Kingdom in November.

The movie, which will be filmed in London, Pecham, Brixton, Bristol and Birmingham, among other cities, is partly based on the life of popular British-Jamaican reggae artist Savana Jenkins.

Jenkins, who is also the executive producer of the film, which is scheduled to be released in 2013, said the artist would play the role of an attorney for the main character, Johnny White.

“Advoket was chosen for this role because of his experience in the court room. he brings the technical experience to the film, in terms of his years in the Jamaican court room, and he’s camera-ready as he has done a number of music videos,” Savana said.

“I can’t begin to underscore the importance of his role in the film. He is the only actor that is active in Jamaica as an artist. He brings that authenticity to the script,” Savana said.


The movie, which will be distributed by TMG Agency, the same company distributing Jamaican movie Ghetto Life, depicts the life of a man who was invited to the United Kingdom by his brother, Anthony, to live but falls on hard time when his brother is killed.

Life A Foreign seeks to give viewers a taste of how many undocumented immigrants particularly Jamaicans, are treated by UK citizens. it also touches on the already-highlighted subject of producers ripping off artists.

The film also stars British-Jamaican actor Rick Rowe and Maxi Priest, among others, and is to be shown in Jamaica next year.

Advoket’s single “After Tonight” is doing well in North American and is climbing the New York Top 30 Reggae Chart!


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