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August 25, 2012
Mystikal Revolution
Mystikal Revolution——-

By Curtis Campbell—–

Roots reggae band Mystikal Revolution is receiving much attention for its new single Black Woman. According to band leader O’Brian Williams, this is the attention the band was yearning for.

“We expected attention from the song. People not getting this type of vibe from songs nowadays, so it’s very different and they want that. This was the song we wanted to give us the break as a band, and we feel now is the fitting time for it,” O’Brian said.

“We wanted to empower and uplift hard-working women in society, both locally and internationally, to be positive in what they are doing. And that was basically our inspiration. The name of the band is Mystikal Revolution and we want to push for a spiritual change in the music. We produce authentic reggae music and people can listen to us and get a spiritual inspiration, and that is what we are about,” he said.

The song was produced by Mystikal Records, which is operated by the band members. This, O’Brian says, gives the band more leverage.

“Most of us are past students from Edna Manley [College of the Visual and Performing Arts] and we wanted a different sound – the hard-core husky, rootsy sound. To do our own production is less expensive. We have our own product and it is more convenient, based on the passion that we have. In the future, we may work with other producers, but, for now, it is just us,” he said.

The band leader also pleaded with media houses for more support of reggae music. O’Brian says the band has been getting support on the radio, however, he believes reggae music deserves more attention.

Potentially explosive song

“We need the media houses to play more reggae music. We fought hard to get to this stage, but we just need more reggae music from the media. The song has the potential to create a big storm and so we are pushing it more,” O’Brian explained.

Mystikal Revolution was recently featured on international media outlet NBC as the hottest reggae band in Jamaica.

The group has since signed a deal with Jamyen Entertainment and is currently working on a yet-to-be-named debut album.

“We are planning to create a storm and let people know reggae music is alive. A lot of people are contacting us and we are definitely going to go places,” he concluded.

The band is also making preparations to host a reggae festival in Kingston, called Reggae Fusion, in November.

According to O’Brian, there have been no reggae festivals in the capital in recent times.



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