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September 8, 2012

By Simone Morgan—–

THROUGH his day job is in the correctional services, Tyrone Morrison is trying to break into the music business as deejay Kantexxx.

To date, Kantexxx has released three songs: Pon D Bamboo, Gwaan So and Miss Kitty.


“My first single (Pon Di Bamboo) was released during the last quarter of last year. However, like most aspiring artists, it didn’t get the airplay I desired,” said the 23-year-old Kantexxx.

The confident Kantexx is from St Thomas. He says he knew his first love was music since he was a student at Buff Bay High School in Portland.

“During the days, I would eagerly wait until there is a session break to beat the desks and catch up on my deejaying skills,” he recalled.

For the past three years, Kantexxx has been a correctional officer but says he is hoping to hit the big time by collaborating with a high-profile artist.

“I believe that I have some talent for songwriting that is accompanied by peerless vocals, so very soon I will be capturing the hearts of dancehall/reggae fans worldwide,” he said.

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