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By Dr. Garth Rose, PhD—-

Dobby Dobson

Highland “Dobby” Dobson has been very popular for years as one of Jamaica’s top crooners with hits such as “Sweet Dreams.”However, he just displayed another very creative side of his personality with an excellently written novel, 

“The Misadventures of Saucy and her Mama.”  

This is a very Jamaican book written by a dedicated Jamaican, who uses an excellent command of the English language in depicting life in rural Jamaica, the quest for Jamaicans of humble means to migrate to America in search of the American dreams and the misadventures they sometimes face in search of that dream. 
Dobson has succeeded in taking the reader from the environment of the heart and soul of rural Jamaica, then transporting that reader to the challenges and experiences of the Jamaican migrant on coming to America.
The story focus on the experiences of a young attractive Jamaican single mother, Beatrice, who, like so many Jamaicans, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, comes to America seeking a better standard of living. On her arrival, Beatrice, aka Mama, is faced with financial challenges and is unabashed to use her attractive face and body to barter and woo male admirers that helps her to climb the social and economic ladder. In the meantime her daughter, Saucy, still in Jamaica, suffers at the hands of her cruel grandmother, but Mama makes sure the young, well behaved, teen comes to America.
Bright and attractive, Saucy progress through school, gets into college, and falls in love with a young man whose color Mama is not pleased with, but who although deeply in love with Saucy turns out to be a drug dealer, Fortunately his love for Saucy pulls him back to the right side of the law, and their relationship grows.

While Saucy blossoms in her personality, in college and love, Mama, who loves food as much as men grows fat and unattractive, gaining an unsavory reputation for her relationships with a merry-go-round of men, losing all, and the respect of Saucy.
Dobson like an expert caterer serves up in this book like a buffet with a little of everything: sex, love, deception, jealousy, humor, Jamaica country life, Brooklyn-NYC life, drugs, murder, obeah, religion, and several aspects of the Jamaican culture displayed in Jamaica and the Jamaican diaspora.

The book is an intense, interesting story, which keeps the reader captivated as he/she follows the misadventures Mama and Saucy in the Jamaican community in Brooklyn, NYC. The book is a must read for Jamaicans and a refresher course on Jamaican rural life, and the realities of the experience, especially of working class Jamaican immigrants in America. It also offers a great opportunity for non-Jamaicans to understand Jamaica and the stark realities faced by migrants in big cities like New York. 
In summary Dobson, has created various experiences faced by Jamaicans in and outside of Jamaica in a well written, exciting, provoking, passionate and realistic story, that moves at a fast pace, holding the attention of the reader from opening chapter to its moving conclusion.


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