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Destra Garcia
Destra Garcia—–

By Leighton Levy——

Looks at which songs to use for Sir Arthur Guinness Day Concert

Soca sex kitten Destra Garcia is in a bit of a quandary about which songs from her very expansive catalogue she will be unleashing on her largely Jamaican audience when she performs at the Arthur Guinness Day Concert set for the National Indoor Sports Centre on September 27.

Sir Arthur Guinness Day is a global event recognising the significant contributions of Sir Arthur Guinness, founder of the Guinness brand. This year’s celebration, which is intended to build on the brand’s new Made of More campaign, will also honour great Jamaicans who have dedicated themselves to helping others.

The 34-year-old queen of soca music is certainly made of ‘more’ than just the usual stuff, which now presents its own challenges as she aims to deliver a set worthy of the occasion and one which will still blow the minds of her many adoring fans.

She released her ninth album, Destra, this year, and a stack of singles including Attitude, Keep on Walking, and Good Love. When one has so many songs to choose from, the issue then becomes, what does one perform?

Bit of a challenge

“The thing is this; it’s kind of a bit of a challenge for me. I think I am performing for like half an hour, so in my mind it’s like, what do I do for half an hour, which selections do I choose for this half hour? I have to take into consideration the audience that is going to be there and the favourites that they will want to hear,” she said.

“I mean it’s easy; I have like nine albums, so the catalogue is really wide and, generally, I am kind of the ‘mash-up-the-place’ kinda gal. So I have to choose wisely to deliver a compact show and give the crowd something that they will remember.”

Whatever she chooses to perform, however, patrons are going to see the Destra at her sexy best.

The Destra that has over the years delivered hits like Tremble ItCome BetaSoca or DieI Dare You, Feel To Wine and Feel Like Wukkin’.

“Usually, coming to perform anywhere, I try to bring my vibe. My vibe is just a different vibe, because everyone else there will most likely be doing dancehall/reggae, so I am definitely going to be bringing a different energy; a different kind of energy and sex appeal,” she said.

That being said, the significance of the celebration is not lost on the Trinidadian entertainer. She is aware of who Sir Arthur Guinness is and his impact on the world.

“I know the story of who Arthur Guinness was. So, for me, it’s not just about coming and singing and jumping and waving and whatever, I do that naturally,” she said.

“When I get on the stage I do what I do to entertain the people and trust me they are going to be entertained as always but I also want to know what the event is about, why are all these people here, why is it important to them so that it can also be important to me so when I put on the show I feel it, not just do it.”



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