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October 6, 2012

By Howard Campbell——

ONE of the most controversial incidents of 2012 has been the death of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager who was shot and killed by a Latino man in Orlando, Florida.

Singer Tall Rich was among the thousands who watched that tragedy unfold from his home in Bristol, England.

TALL RICH… in America, police still pulling people (motorists) over ‘cause dem black’


For the roots-reggae artist whose latest song is Racial Situation, prejudice is still widespread, especially in developed countries.

“In America, police still pulling people (motorists) over ’cause dem black. Wi haffi try trample all dem obstacles,” Tall Rich said in a recent interview with the Jamaica Observer.

Racial Situation is one of the songs being shopped by the 43-year-old Tall Rich, who was born Eric Hamilton in Morant Bay, St Thomas.

Chain Link, recorded on producer Ralston Barrett’s Big One Drop beat, is another of his current songs.

Tall Rich has been pounding the music pavement for some time. He started out on sound systems like Emperor Love in Clarendon, and was a regular with the Third World ‘set’ in New Jersey.

It was in the Garden State that he recorded his first song, I Adore You, which was released in 1986 throughout Europe by London-based Jet Star Records.

Moving to Britain, Tall Rich cut several songs for various producers including Asylum for singer Junior Delgado.

Tall Rich says he keeps a busy performance schedule in Europe where the market has always been strong.

“In Jamaica, wi leggo the real reggae an’ push the corruption. So, I stay where people love the real music,” he said.


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