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October 9, 2012

KINGSTON, Jamaica –

‘Bruk it Dung’ singer Mr Vegas broke down in tears during an interview on New York radio station Hot 97while trying to explain his recent public outburst following differences with his child’s mother.

Vegas previously set the social media on fire when he ranted on both Twitter and Facebook about catching his baby mother having sex with another man in his house, and in front of his one-year-old daughter.

In the radio interview last Thursday with Cipha, Rosenberg & Kfoxx promoting his Sweet Jamaica album the hosts diverted to ask Vegas about the ‘baby mother’ drama.

Apparently the episode (all caught on video) was too much for the ‘Bruk it Dung’ singer as he again found it difficult to control his emotions.

Vegas attempted to answer the question, held his head down, seemingly trying to regain his composure.

“It’s not just me, it’s my little daughter you know…After having kids all over, you’re like ‘Let me try make this a family,’” Vegas told the interviewers.

“But if we’re together and I’m staying at your house…I would never take a woman to your house, in your bed, in front you kids,” he added.

In relating his story, his voice breaking at times, Vegas said his baby mother called him up last Tuesday and cursed him out, accusing him of giving her an STD.

“She was like cussing yow, yow, I’m done with you. You gave me a STD, and I’m like what! I just did my physical and I’m good,” Vegas recounted.

He added that his baby mother also insisted that he was the only one she slept with.

“Wednesday I watched the tape and she was having sex without a condom,” said Vegas as he explained that security cameras are at this home installed by his girlfriend because she felt people were walking in the yard at nights. “A she get caught,” he commented.

Mr. Vegas

As Vegas spoke about his daughter tears came flowing as he commented that  he may never see her again.

 “My baby stopped eating four months ago ‘cause she would eat only when I’m there,” he shared valiantly trying to keep the tears at bay.

The interview ended with two of the hosts giving the distraught deejay a hug.

– Cecelia Campbell-Livingston



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