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AN estimated 133 million Americans will vote today in the US presidential elections. Voters will decide whether to give President Barack Obama a second term, or if his Republican challenger Mitt Romney will take the reins of the world’s most powerful nation.

The Jamaica Observer solicited the views of members of the public yesterday as to who they think will emerge winner after the votes are tallied tonight. (Photos: Naphtali Junior)

(L-R) Top: Auraine Phoenix, Tony Kaknani, Jordan Holeman and Arielle Beckles. (Second row) Derrick Worrell, Arlene Martin, Stashuna Hudson-Parchment and Amoy Mighty.

Auraine Phoenix, security manager

I really have high hopes that Obama will be victorious today. Not only has he won most of the debates, but during the past four years he has accomplished a lot in terms of uniting the American people, therefore he has the support of the world.

Tony Kaknani, salesman

I really think Obama will win the election today as he is a people person, which the world has come to love.

Jordan Holeman, student

I truly believe that Obama should be given another chance. Four years isn’t enough time for him to prove himself and accomplish all his presidential goals. The same can be said about our Jamaican Government.

Arielle Beckles, marketing co-ordinator

My money is definitly on Obama as he did extremely well during his first term in office.

Derrick Worrell, social worker

In my opinion, Mitt Romney has the best plan for the United States. Barack is a good leader but I think Romney is better and his plans are more realistic.

Arlene Martin, fashion designer

Aside from winning most of the debates, President Obama has proven himself worthy of a second term at the White House.

Stashuna Hudson-Parchment, cheque verification officer

I think Mr Obama and his family will be residing in the White House for another four years. He did extremely well during the first term and will continue to be a favourite of the people.

Amoy Mighty, bank statement clerk

During his tenure he has proven himself to be a man of action. I think he genuinely has the people’s interest at heart and the voters are aware of this when they venture out to vote today.

Trishauna Gourzang, cheque verification clerk

If I could, I would definitly vote for Obama as I think he is the best candidate throughout the campaign. As a president he has proven himself to be a man of action and not of words.

Donnamar Bolton

President Obama has a better chance of winning the election today… he is a man of vision and that is what the world needs.

Kristen Farquharson, data entry clerk

I have already seen what Mr Obama can do as it relates to the operation of a country, therefore I think it is only fair that Mitt Romney be given a chance to prove himself. This way we can compare both and see who is the better president.

Andrea Porter, bank entry clerk

Mr Obama has given me another reason to be proud of my skin complexion being the first black person to hold such a prestigious title in the US. Apart from that, he is a humantarian… he genuinely loves the American people.

Desrine Coke, barmaid

Obama is the real big man and I have no doubt that he will be spending the next four years in the White House.

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