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Reggae history is black history, is my history, is rastafari history. Remembering two of Jamaica’s trench town musical greats at this 2013. Joe Higgs and Roy Wilson..

I have been telling the world and sharing much about our trench town unsung heroes for years. I have written about some of us which has made it possible for others to verify the truth in what I have told them. In 1993 I published a book- A reggae education- Scott’s official history of reggae, the original wailing wailers and the trench town experience. Between pages 49-57 I gave the names of some of us who were the movers and shakers in trench town and Jamaican music. Mentioned were the names of- JOE HIGGS and ROY WILSON.

Joe Higgs

These two greats were musical pioneers from the early 50’s to the creation and naming of my -reggae music, and were witnesses as to my works . However, I am not here to talk about my works, but to pay honor and to show the world what great works these two brethrens have done, not only for Jamaica, but the entire musical diaspora and reggae.

Joe Higgs was not only a close brethren, but he was a close member of my family, and so was Roy. My parents also cared for him which included my mother. His building was next to mine along the same street and his musical partner- Roy wilson lived close by.

There was a time when both brethrens ruled the musical air waves in Jamaica as the group- Higgs and Wilson. They were brethrens who cared about each other and about others.

Roy Wilson

Songs such as – Oh manny oh, There is a reward, Saturday morn, How can I be sure, to name a few, were shared compositions and releases by both. The Jamaican producers had their field day for years. The same can be said as to the way most of the youths were exploited as to their talented works which were stolen by others who then pirated and stamped  their names on what they could.

Joe was a master teacher who was responsible for our Original wailing wailers which inluded Junior Braithwaite, Gartie Dennis, and myself( Ricardo Scott). We were the original wailing wailers which preceded Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny wailer.

Joe and Seeco took us to the studios for the first time.

Joe then went on to mentor and to groom Bob, Peter, and Bunny. Roy wilson was also around and helped as much as he could with the grooming of this group. Over the years and ups and downs outside forces sought the division of this trusted cohesive and brotherly relationships to such a degree that derision took control. I will leave the details for another time, and will say this:

The Wailers

Both men were pioneers in Jamaican music and should be honored and respected as such.

Roy wilson would often take a more calm posture in the ways in which he would look at life and things of life. I had a lot of respect for both and supported their efforts to make several things possible as best as I could.

Jamaica has overlooked their major importance to the culture of its musical heritage. Jamaica has only given them lip service as to their works and accomplishments. It is past time that Jamaica honor those rightly deserving of such. It is my hope that soon Jamaica will come to its senses in showing respect to those who have caused the world to show it respect.

While Joe was grooming a lot of people in the back yards, I can recall those who came from near and far to congregate. I remember several who should remember his kindness, including Bob Marley, Wilfred Edwards,etc. Some of those who today have claim to fame should remember his kindness. I can recall all their names, and stand as the witness as to the truths revealed here.

Higgs & Wilson

Both brethrens are now gone on to Jah Kingdom, and it is my hope that their children get to know the true history of their struggles and their works.

The true roots of our music must never be allowed to fade away into obscurity and to be controlled by evil and wicked men.

I pay honor, love and remembrance to these my great trench town brethrens who did what they could for Jamaica, the world, the people, and for love. Peace! (c) Ras cardo speaks Black history 2013. All rights reserved globally.

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