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By Curtis Campbell—-

Reggae artist History Man has documented the life of reggae legend Bob Marley in a song called Bob Marley Story. According to the artist, his career was moulded by Marley’s musical teachings.

“I made this song out of respect for Bob Marley because he has been an inspiration to my life and my musical journey. Last year, during Bob’s birthday celebration, I wanted to do something special that would always stand out and teach the next generation, so I decided to make a song because that is what I do best,” History Man said.

The artist said he went through a meticulous process in producing the song, and expressed that he learnt much from the journey into Marley’s past.

“Bob’s life was very dynamic and relatively unhinged, so I had to connect all those dots in order to tell the story and create a vivid picture. It was quite hectic to pick out different elements of his development and put it in one song but at the end of the day, it was worth it because I learnt a lot,” he said.

Bob Marley

According to the artist, the youths are not made properly aware of their past and he is poised to be the bridge in the education gap.

History Man reads a lot in an effort to keep himself abreast of what is happening around the world, the changes it constantly goes through.

The young generation don’t really know much about their history because our media is one-sided and mostly sheds light on dancehall these days, but I believe that the roots must be cherished if we want to get fruits from the branches, so as long as there is rhythm, I will teach and document the history of our rich musical heritage,” History Man said.

The artist debuted Bob Marley Story at The Jamaica Reggae Industry Association’s Trench Town Festival, hosted at the Vin Lawrence Park in Trench Town, last year. The song was well received by the patrons and was rewarded with a triple encore, signalling its potential.

History Man is now looking to further enhance the telling of the Bob Marley Story with a music video, to be directed by Asha of Fareye Films Productions.

The Video will be shot in St Ann, at the location that Bob Marley was born, Trench Town, where he spent the formative years of his musical career, as well as other areas like Greenwich Town.

“I wrote to the Bob Marley Foundation and I am presently awaiting permission to use the image and clips of Bob Marley and his family and so far they have been very receptive,” History Man explained.

Bob Marley Museum

History Man recently participated in a march, symbolising the disapproval of injustice in Jamaica. The march started at the Ward Theatre in downtown Kingston and ended at Mandela Park in Half-Way Tree.

He recently returned from a tour of Canada and is booked to perform at a charity show in Mexico. In addition to this, the reggae artist is anticipating the official signing to the 5 Rivers Entertainment recording label in Mississauga, Canada.

Bob Marley Story is recorded on the classic Sleng Teng rhythm.

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