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Atlanta, GA.….PALAS (Peace and Love Academic Scholarship) is kicking off their 2013 year with a 100forHUNDRED campaign. That’s a goal of 100 scholarships and 100 computers for disadvantaged Caribbean high school and tertiary level students. This non-profit group supports students facing serious obstacles from starting or continuing with their studies; not because the grades are failing but due to lack of financial support. These students are brilliant young minds that have risen above their challenges and excelled despite all the socioeconomic ills that come with living in poverty. PALAS’ goal is to help finance future doctors, lawyers, engineers, business talents, etc… Some of these individuals do excel academically yet face being de-registered due to financial constraints and who may otherwise join the ranks of staggering youth unemployment.

One of the 2012 Award recipients wrote, “… I just want to take the time out to say a very big thanks to you and your team for making our lives a little less difficult by assisting us financially and encouraging us to strive for the highest and reach for the sky, despite the struggles that we face each day and for reminding us that we may have been born in poverty, but poverty was never born in us. Thank you again for everything and we’ll certainly stay in contact.”

PALAS contends that race; gender, geography and economic constraints should not be a barrier to any individual who is willing and capable of standing up and joining in to strengthen our world. It seems a far more viable and cost effective way of addressing growth and sustainability issues within a struggling region like the Caribbean. And it seems that there are many who would agree because in the past year contributions to PALAS’ efforts have increased by 905%, which in turn supported 42 scholarships in 2012. Proof that a little help from those with a clear vision will go a long way to making progress


“We tell our children time and time again, “Stay in school, get good grades and you will have a future” What will we say to those who do exactly that and still are not able to continue with their goals due to geographical, economic or racial issues?

How does PALAS plan to meet its goals? A talented and highly skilled board of directors, two of which own successful Internet radio networks with a global reach, manages PALAS efforts and this should be an attractive perk for Corporate Sponsors. “We are working together to ensure a sustainable future for us all on a global scale by seeding talented minds for future prosperity regardless of where the talent is located,” said PALAS’ Executive Director Rula Brown, “We offer a very comprehensive publicity (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) packages to our corporate sponsors who want to enhance their PR efforts.”

PALAS, Inc. would like to encourage you to partner with us in broadening the reach of its scholarship program to High School and College/University students residing in the Caribbean Diaspora.

In the past two (2) years, PALAS awarded fifty-five (55) scholarships and four (4) computers valued at US$23,500.00 to both High School and University levels. PALAS goal is to award one-hundred (100) scholarships and computers in 2013, the application process starts from April 1 through May 15, 2013.

Partnering and how it works

One major activity that we encourage is partnering as a form of sponsorship for PALAS. You may have a scholarship awarded in a loved ones name; such as a parent, daughter, son or extended families or your business/company’s name.

Partner’s Roles/Responsibilities

Donate a minimum of $350.00 for a high school student or $700.00 for University student on an annual basis. Submit 2-4 paragraphs write up about the intended Scholarship name honoree (optional). The information will be included in the recipient’s scholarship package.

Partners can sponsor more than one scholarship annually depending on their budget.

Partners may suggest (optional) a specific Island/local, alma mater, interest of study for awardees, such as engineering, law, teaching, business, etc. If not the PALAS Board will assign accordingly to respective students, based on prevailing and existing process/procedures. ULTIMATELY a recipient will receive a scholarship based on the partner’s selected SCHOLARSHIP NAME.

Partners can commit to recurring scholarships but can opt out at anytime for a given year in order.

Partners opting out of the program in subsequent year(s) MUST notify PALAS before May 30th of that year.

Please fill out Partner with PALAS (PWP) form and return by June 15th with your payment. Funds may paid in FULL or incrementally online, at  HYPERLINK “” and indicate for PWP sponsorship or send a check (Payable to PALAS, Inc., P.O Box 5461 Alpharetta, GA 30023-5461 USA)  

PALAS’s Roles/Responsibilities

Provide a certificate to the recipient with the partner/sponsor name on the scholarship. Example; Adrian Dream Alive Academic Scholarship or G.C. Crenshaw Academic Scholarship

Status report of students’ progress will be made available for scrutiny if requested by partner.

All sponsors/partners will be posted on  HYPERLINK “” for 1 year until new campaign for subsequent year(s).

All students MUST maintain at least B average each year to have the scholarship renewed thereafter.

The partner/sponsor receives from PALAS a certificate to show the scholarship(s) they supported.

We Need You, Would You Please Join Our Efforts?

We are hereby requesting your support to continue to make this Program a success.  As a corporate or a memorial sponsor your banner will be showcased on our website along with your company logo as part of the advertising of your business. We will be providing coverage via our network of radio programming and social networking, you will be asked to name the scholarship.  All the benefits derived from your sponsorship will be distributed to deserving students that may not otherwise get the opportunity to excel in their respective educational pursuits.

Mr. Don McGregor, a businessman who resides in Toronto, Canada has decided to partner with PALAS and support ten (10) scholarships. “The world needs it, and it will help to make a better future for us all”, says the enthusiastic and concerned Philanthropist.

About PALAS:

The committee members’ goals and objectives are to “help in the education of one student at a time”. Our motto is “Preserving Young Minds for Posterity”, thus we have decided to work hard and reach out to donors to secure the funds to make it all happen. We believe in accountability, transparency and honesty therefore all funds will be invested in the scholarship program.

Contact Information:

Please contact Rula Brown (Executive Director) or T. Ray Campbell (Secretary/Director)
Peace and Love Academic Scholarship or PALAS
P.O. Box 5461
Alpharetta, GA 30023-5461  USA
Website:  HYPERLINK “”
Tele: (770) 715-0224




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