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Julian "Ju Ju" Marley

Julian “Ju Ju” Marley

JULIAN, or “Ju Ju”, Marley may be known to many as the son of Bob Marley, but to those who know their reggae he is much more. 

At 37 years old, Julian has carved out an impressive career in his own right. The Grammy award-nominated roots-reggae musician and singer-songwriter, also a producer and humanitarian, has spent many of those years sharing his sound while touring much of the world.

A devout Rastafarian like his famous father, Julian began his musical lifestyle at a young age. He taught himself the bass, drums, guitar and keyboards and recorded his first demo at the age of five.

“From a small age music has been in my life. It was just a natural thing,” he says.

“I give thanks for the musical guidance I received from my father and continue to receive from my brothers. It is with the inspiration of my family and the Most High that I create all of my songs today.”

In his earlier years Julian formed The Uprising, a roots-reggae band comprised of young Jamaican players that would open for his brother Ziggy Marley’s band, The Melody Makers. They also performed with The Wailers.

Julian’s musical path would often cross with his brothers’, and in the 1990s Ghetto Youths Crew was born. Julian and brothers Stephen, Damian and Kymani toured the US as the crew for three consecutive years, and have since continued to work together on various projects.

In 2002, Julian and his brothers Stephen and Damian officially incorporated Ghetto Youths International, Inc., the family owned record label that was first founded by Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley in 1989.

Julian, Damian, Stephen Marley

Julian, Damian, Stephen Marley

With an impressive debut album in 1996, this reggae master hasn’t slowed down since.

Along with his musical career, Julian has found time to give in to his humanitarian heart, building on charitable missions and contributing to the Ghetto Youths Foundation.

Although Jamaican at heart, he has widely credited his British upbringing as a deep influence on his musical career.

“As the next generation of British-born reggae artists, I look forward to relating the cultural gifts and musical creations that have been bestowed on to me back on to the international music scene,” he says.

Having toured the US, UK, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Greece and many other parts of the globe, Julian can now share those gifts with a Cairns audience at Tanks.

Julian Marley hits Tanks Arts Centre on his Royal Reggae Australian tour  (MA15+), with his 12-piece Uprising band, on Saturday, May 11. Tickets $58 at


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