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By Simone Morgan—-

SINGER Ghost is planning a major comeback for 2014, spearheaded by an album produced by his company.

The 15-song set will be the former Monster Shack Crew member’s first album since Ghost Stories in 2011. Among his latest songs are covers of Celine Dion’s Next Plane Out and Bruno Mars’ If I Was Your Man.

Ghost in performance at Sting 2008 at Jam World Entertainment Centre in Portmore, St Catherine. (PHOTOS: OBSERVER FILE)


Though he has not released an album in four years, Ghost says it is still the best medium for an artist.

“The music isn’t selling, as everyone is focused on doing singles to get a quick money so that they can get a hype. No one is taking the time to do an album … we are too backward,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

“Everyone is just doing music to please themselves and not necessarily the fans,” Ghost points out.

The diminutive Ghost (given name Carlton Hylton) is known for cover versions of songs by Terrence Trent Darby (Let Her Down Easy) and Celine Dion (Next Plane Out).


One of his biggest hits, however, was the original Love You. He states that he is more than a cover artist.

“Some of the disc jocks don’t even play my original songs, but they will take a cover version and run with it. I have lots of original songs,” he said.

Ghost was part of the Monster Shack Crew during the 1990s. Its other members were deejays General B and Roundhead.

The trio had promising careers before joining forces in 1996. Their biggest hits included Neva Heard a We, Make Money, Do You Remember, Hotty Hotty Crew and Monster World.

They released one album, Monster Party, in 1998 before separating three years later.

“Roundhead migrated to the United States and currently resides there, he is concentrating on his family but he still does music. And General B is back and forth between the US and Jamaica and he too is doing individual musical projects,” said Ghost.


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