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Macka Diamond (left) and Lady Saw (right) are at odds again, with Lady Saw accusing Macka of being desparate for attention by using graphic imagery to promote her material.
Macka Diamond (left) and Lady Saw (right) are at odds again, with Lady Saw accusing Macka of being desparate for attention by using graphic imagery to promote her material—.

Just when it seemed issues between prominent Dancehall divas, Lady Saw and Macka Diamond died down, controversy over a recent show as well as pictures recently released by Macka have apparently re-hashed old feelings between the two.

The latest salvo in this feud was fired thanks, in part, to a show held in Grenada last weekend dubbed Soca vs. Reggae, in which both Lady Saw and Macka Diamond were scheduled to perform. However, Lady Saw failed to turn up for the show, claiming she was not paid by promoters to perform.

Confusion over what happened in Grenada led Lady Saw to clear the air on Tuesday, viaTwitter as to why she was a no-show. Then on Wednesday, the ‘Queen of Dancehall’tweeted a series of scathing messages, which appeared to be aimed at Macka Diamond.

One tweet read, “When did music become one bag of mix up artist turn porn stars, sucking out and cussing out? Since some fool become desperate 4 attention,” while another, more poignant tweet read, “Picking on me won’t help distract people from u nasty kitchen porn, so next time keep u draws on around u son food.”

The latter tweet was in reference to apromotional picture leaked late last month for Macka Diamond’s new single, Twist Me, which shows a man with his head between Macka’s legs as she is clad in lingerie on top of a kitchen counter. The picture gained Macka lots of flack from music lovers, who said the pictures were too inappropriate and raised the taboo issue of oral sex in Jamaica.

On Thursday, Macka Diamond responded to Lady Saw’s verbal jousting in a statement, insisting she is jealous of the run her hit single, Dye Dye has been on in the last few months.

“I care zero about what Lady Saw wants to say,” she said. “Lady Saw is just mad because Dye Dye and Twist Me ah beat her bad. Dye Dye is on every major chart in dancehall, and that is what is bothering her, any dance she go, any radio she turn on, it inna her face, and she caan happy for anyone else. She is an unhappy person, but mi nah focus pon no locust. Mi ah go keep writing songs and recording hard, and keep de fans dem happy. Mi nah go mek she bridge my energy.”

She continued, “When she hot wid Heels On, mi never hate, in fact, ah she inspire mi fi go harder and mi find Dye Dye and mi ah get my run now, so why all of a sudden she turn ‘music police’? Mi mentally tougher now so dem caan stop, and mi is an adult, what I want to do is my prerogative, she fi go fix her life before she can try meddle inna other people business. Lady Saw fi remember that God read Twitter, all the nasty things she is saying about other people, Him know everything. She ah struggle wid something bigger than me, and mi caan help her wid it, she need fi say she ah seek God and seek him, because ah only God can give her the true peace because right now, she too damn tormented!!!!”

A video for Macka Diamond’s Twist Me is expected in the coming weeks while both artists are expected to headline Dancehall Night at this year’s edition of Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay.

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