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Oliver Samuels - File
Oliver Samuels – File—

The play, Dollyhouse, is a wonderful mix of Jamaica’s favourite topics – sex, politics, power and betrayal, all coming together to create a hilarious comedy with the belly-cramping humor that only Oliver Samuels can produce.

It is well documented that Embassy Saga is funny. When asked howDollyhouse measures up, Oliver Samuels responded with a a smirk, saying “Unnu jus ain’t seen nutten yet.”

What does Jamaica’s King of Comedy do when it is time to celebrate his 65th year on Earth? He assembles the most powerful cast available in Caribbean theatre today and creates another blockbuster.

Many speculated about how Samuels would be able to follow up on back-to-back hits, Who a Di Don? and Embassy Saga. He has done it with Dollyhouse.

Who a Di Don?

Who a Di Don? opened in December 2011 and closed 14 months later in April 2013 after more than 250 well-attended performances highlighted by nine performances in the New York tri-state area, four full-to-capacity performances in Toronto, and seven shows in the United Kingdom, along with repeated stretches of 100 per cent sold-out performances in Jamaica.


Embassy Saga opened in April 2013 and will do its last show in March 2014, with the company turning down many requests for return performances in the United States, a rural Jamaica run, and more stops in the Caribbean as Oliver wanted to celebrate his 65th year with the cast of Dollyhouse by his side.

One wonders the kind of budget that Oliver Samuels Marketing and Entertainment has amassed over the years to be able to offer such a star-studded cast of Oliver Samuels along with Audrey Reid, Ruth Ho Shing and Dennis Titus on the same stage.

Patrons lucky enough to secure a ticket in the hotspots on the tourshould consider themselves lucky as being able to see this cast first-hand during the Celebration of Oliver 65th means that one has a chance of being a part of Jamaican theatre history.

Oliver Samuels

Oliver Samuels


Dollyhouse is the depiction of the crazy drama, unavoidable tragedies and constant comedy that occurs daily in multi-dwelling structures in Jamaica commonly known as tenement yards.

Just imagine the levels of insanity when one is forced to live in a tenement yaad with an Oliver Samuels character as the stern overbearing landlord, constantly showing who is the worl’ boss of landlords, when occupants include a middle-aged Chinese woman whose hormones seem larger than her mouth; a young dreadlocked man who carries five phones and about six different names; a higgler who insists that her constantly overdue rent for her one room and shared bathroom is only due to her finishing up her four-storey mansion in the hills; and two bad man who “just not into the rent paying thing.”

Samuels’ tour starts on Mother’s Day weekend (May 9-11) in Toronto and a United States tour starts on Memorial Weekend (May 23-26).

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