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Ziggy Marley
Ziggy Marley—

The anticipation mounts as the date for the release of ZiggyMarley’s Fly Rasta album approaches. Scheduled for an April 15 release date, the album is expected to put reggae music on a higher plain worldwide.

Fly Rasta is Marley’s fifth studio album and the son of the late reggae legend says it was an honor working with persons such as the great U-Roy and well-known producer Dave Cooley.

“These are persons that I have a lot of respect for. Cooley has a lot of experience in the business and then there is the collaboration with U-Roy. I mean there is nobody like him, he’s a unique individual so that was a big deal for me,” said Marley.

In an interview with The Sunday Gleaner, Marley says he views the album as a means of expansion for reggae music and sought to explain the concept behind the album’s title.

“It is fun and it represents the record in that it is taking off and going out there. It’s a celebration of music and an upliftment for the people,” he said.

Ziggy Marley & U Roy

Ziggy Marley & U Roy

Marley recently collaborated with rising Australian sensation Cody Simpson on his song Love and says it was a pleasure working with the young artist as well.

“He is a young artist doing his thing and mi like him and him music. The song was about love and it’s always nice to reach out to other artists.”

When asked if there was any fresh talent he would like to work with, Marley expressed an interest in young reggae sensation Chronixx.

Fresh off his European tour, Marley says that while there are no shows scheduled for Jamaica in the coming months, he maintained that things could change later on in the year.

More appreciation

Commenting on the belief that there is more appreciation for reggae outside of Jamaica, Marley said the belief is not necessarily true.

“I believe that because persons overseas aren’t used to the music they will show their appreciation more. When you are closer to something, you are more familiar with it so you’re cool, but once you go somewhere outside of that there is more excitement.”


Marley revealed that there will be a fan video for one of the songs on the album as his record label wanted to show their appreciation to the fans worldwide.

The song titled I Get Up will see fans from across the globe posting a photo showing their interpretation of some of the lyrics from the song.

After all the pictures have been posted, all the submissions will be merged to create a music video for the song.

Marley also told The Sunday Gleaner, he usually has no expectations for his albums but focuses on putting in the work instead.

“We just expect to put in the hard work. What happens after that, we can’t vex, but we just put in the work.”


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