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Diana King
Diana King—

By Curtis Campbell—

The road to recognition for even the most talented artists can be a long, slow grind. Often, even ultra-talented artists end up spending years working as session musicians and background singers before they are able to emerge as stars in their own right.

Such is the case with Abby Dallas, the winner of the Jamaica 50th Anniversary Popular Song Contest with her song, Real Born Jamaican.

Like many women on the competitive male-dominated reggae scene, she found getting her solo career off the ground tough. The struggle had a silver lining though, as she earned the opportunity to do background vocals for reggae artist Diana King.

Dallas has spent much of the last couple of years touring with King and singing background for Tanya Stephens.

The artist has also done sessions and backing work for reggae icons Dean Fraser, Shaggy and Yellowman.

Abby Dallas

Abby Dallas

According to the artist, working with internationally acclaimed acts like King has helped to mould her as a professional recording artist.

“It’s a great experience. You get to see what it is like being with an artist of that magnitude on a big platform, it’s a good experience and she is a good person. I am learning how to be a better performer, and it develops me so that I can best handle myself so when it is my time to shine, I will know what to do,” Dallas said.

The artist is now pushing her solo projects under record labels One Jam Music and DreZion. She has been working with both labels since 2013.

Dallas is promoting singles like From My Heart, produced by Cutty Ranks; Destined for Love, featuring JayQ; and Extraordinary (I Am That Girl).

At least one video is slated for release before the summer, as the artiste aims to go mainstream by the end of 2014.

“My music should be supported because I bring new content and I represent the new generation of musicians. Abby Dallas is music and music is Abby Dallas.”

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