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Adrian Cunningham

Adrian Cunningham

Lord I Love You and Rest In The Arms of Jesus are presently enjoying good rotation on local gospel stations. But little is known about the man behind the powerful voice belting through the airwaves. The songs which are from his recently released album entitled Change have already found a place in the hearts of those listening to the words, which act as a balm over any wounded spirit.

Managed by Vibes Productions propelled by a man who is no stranger to the gospel arena Delroy Lingo, the artist/ordained minister is determined to reach more souls for the kingdom through the spoken word, as well as his message filled songs. In speaking about his debut effort he said God has brought about a change in his life. “In the midst of all the fights and discouragements I am persuaded that the struggles only made me battle harder and stronger. My prayer is that these songs will bless, encourage, inspire, and raise you up from what condition you are in to a positive mind,” he said about the album.

The gospel singer who hails from the parish of Kingston, developed an affinity for singing from as early as age eleven. It was the norm to find him in the kitchen washing the plates and singing his little heart out. The deep rich tones coming from the youngster reached the ears of his mother who was totally surprised and thrilled at the notes her son was belting out. She took him to her workplace to sing and Cunningham had his first performance in front of an audience – a JAMAL (now renamed Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning – JFLL) in Spanish Town. One year later he was discovered by a reggae band called Crucial Vibes – and with it came the chance to perform at a concert in Kitson Town – the result.


Cunningham showed that he had what it took to captivate a crowd and hold them spellbound as he had them caught up in his performance and amazed at his voice. After that experience he ended up being with the band for over three years performing on the hotel circuits, clubs in between keeping up with his school work. In 1986 he put his talent to the test by entering the popular Tastee Talent Contest where he finished in the top 3 in the grand finals. At age 16, Cunningham realized there was more at stake than his career – he embraced the one thing that superseded all – accepting Christ as his Lord and Saviour and was baptized at the Miracle Valley Apostolic Church in Kingston. He was finally able to put his talent to work for the Lord leading the Brotherhood Choir at his church as well as the youth choir. The singer soon put down roots by marrying and becoming a father.

In 2000 he migrated to the United States becoming a member of the Triumphant Church of Jesus Christ. Now an ordained minister since 2004 he gives the spoken word as well as uses his music to minister to weary souls. Changes will soon be available at e-outlets as well as hard copies. The songs are expected to address the many gamut of emotions that listeners go through.

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