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Cashtastic on set of a music video.  - Contributed
Cashtastic on set of a music video. – Contributed—-

United Kingdom rapper Cashtastic is trying to come to grips with life in Jamaica following his deportation last week by UK Border Agency (UKBA), which claims there are inconsistencies with his documents.

Cashtastic, born Cashief Nichols, has been living in the UK for more than 14 years after migrating from Jamaica to live with his mother at the tender age of six.

The rapper’s deportation came just months after he had inked a publishing deal with internationally renowned label Universal Records. The artiste also disclosed in an interview that he had a major record deal on the table. However, he was waiting on the right time to sign.

Cashtastic feels he is a victim of injustice and has made several attempts to have the decision of the UKBA reversed.

He also told BBC Newsbeat recently that he considers the UK his rightful home.

“I’m born in Jamaica,, but the UK’s my home. What I need is for something to be done so I can return properly and get some form of justice,” the 20-year-old said.

The rapper, who is known for social commentary singles such as Life on The EdgeMy Life and Running, told the media he is finding it difficult to adjust to life in Jamaica.

UK Rapper Cashtastic

UK Rapper Cashtastic

Culture shock

“Everything is just a culture shock. It’s nothing to what I expected. It’s like me going to Japan or something. It’s literally me going to somewhere I’ve got no knowledge of,” he said.

As a result of his issues with the border agency, the rapper was forced to cancel several appearances in the UK, which also happens to be the strongest market for his music.

One of those missed opportunities was to attend the premiere of his latest effort, Life On The Edge, on Mistajam’s ‘1Xtra’ show.

The rapper is hoping that the UKBA will reconsider its decision to eject him from the country and is also very optimistic that his prayers will be answered.

An avid social networker, Cashtastic has been posting videos to his Instagram account showing his fans parts of the reality which he is now faced with in Jamaica. He also posted messages to his fans on Twitter and Instagram encouraging them to keep supporting his music while he works out his ‘situation’.


“Anywhere in the world that I am, I will always be blessed and highly favored. A lot of people are happy about what happened to me, but I ain’t even worried about them because there’s even more people who are being supportive and showing love. God bless everyone who’s supporting me throughout this journey of mine. I want you all to know that I’m okay. I’ve got an even bigger story to translate through my music, documentary, books and movie. So let’s not just look at the negative side of the situation. Remember … this is not a problem … it’s only a situation and situations can get solved,” Cashtastic wrote.


The biggest market for rap music is in the United States. However, the UK is gradually carving out a market for itself within its borders.

Several UK rappers have achieved relative success even outside of the United Kingdom, such as Chipmunk, who has collaborated with Mavado, and Chris Brown and Tinie Tempah, who have worked with Wiz Khalifa.

It is uncertain if Cashtastic will thrive as a rapper living in Jamaica. The island has bred several rappers such as Five Steez, Nadz and KK Holiday, among others. However, none have achieved commercial success.

Several UK-based artists have also shown support for the artist and are begging for leniency on his behalf.

According to Kano, one of those artists, “He has lived here since the age of six and is now a role model, tax-paying professional in the music industry. This is wrong.”


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