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Garnet Jr in front of a painting of his late father, Garnet Silk. - Contributed
Garnet Jr in front of a painting of his late father, Garnet Silk. – Contributed—

Garnet Jr is moving to establish himself as a recording artist and to not only be viewed as the son of iconic reggae artist Garnet Silk.

According to young Garnet, while he is aiming to continue the work of his father, he also wants to create his own legacy.

“In 2013, I was still finding myself as an artist, so for me, it was just a year of preparation and soul searching. Music has been around for centuries, so this is a new element that I am bringing. I have spent a lot of quality time perfecting my sound to make it unique,” he said.

In the quest to mould Garnet Jr into a unique product, the artist and his team have decided that they won’t be doing too many collaborations with other artists in order to channel the majority of the focus and resources in one direction. The artist recently collaborated with Afro-German reggae artist Patrice, but that’s about it where collaborations are concerned at this point.

“I want to focus on proving myself to the people and letting them know exactly who Garnet Jr is. I’m appreciative of the supporters I already have, the ones to come, and the people who respect my creative space; and I’m comfortable with the fact that I have my own identity, and I am not a mere reflection of my father,” he said.

The reggae royalty also disclosed that he would release several cover versions from some of his father’s greatest works and will, of course, add his unique element to the music.

Garnet Silk

Garnet Silk

Musical influences

Garnet Jr is heavily influenced by reggae, hip hop and dancehall and outlines that his major goal in the music industry is to join the ranks of his mentors Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley, Jah Cure, I-Wayne, and the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

The artist is gearing up to release his debut EP this year and is already promoting its lead singles Lady Divine and Promises. The young artist is also working closely with international record label VP Records.

“I am currently working on a few singles, some of which will be selected as part of my EP, and it doesn’t stop there. I am also doing some studio sessions for VP Records, with Clive Hunt producing,” he revealed.

Garnet Silk Jr.

Garnet Silk Jr.

Reggae lovers will get the opportunity to see the artist perform at Reggae in Paradise on July 5 in Bermuda, which will also feature Sanchez. The artist is also to make appearances at events locally.

Garnet Jr’s single, Eyes on the Horizon, was recently selected as a soundtrack for the movie Destiny, starring recording artists Karian Sang and Chris Martin. A music video for that effort will be released in coming weeks.

Garnet Silk died in 1994 at age 28, leaving his wife, Novlyn, and three children. His other son, Duce Califa, also dabbles in music.


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