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 By Richard Johnson—

DAVIS… things are looking up for International Reggae Day—

PLANS are coming together for the July 1 observance of International Reggae Day (IRD).

Conceptualiser Andrea Davis notes that things are “looking out” for IRD, which she ‘birthed’ 20 years ago.

“This year, the theme is ‘You Reap What You Sow’, and we are partnering with a number of like-minded agencies and individuals to showcase what is good and positive about reggae music.”

The major focus of IRD continues to be the media platform and Davis notes that she looks forward to achieving the set target of 100 million listeners during IRD.

“We are yet to achieve this objective of 100 million listeners, but we are making progress. We are forging links with media outlets such as Box Africa, which services sections of Europe and Africa and have a potential to reach 120 million listeners. This should considerably move us in the direction we want to head,” she said.

Davis notes that in addition to the global media event which sees reggae taking the forefront on radio stations all over the world, this year the focus would be on music and design.

“This will be translated through a collaboration with the International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC) to execute a Global Reggae digital exhibit experience which will be projected on the walls of the Jamaica Pegasus hotel, as well as other select venues across the world,” said Davis.

She is also proud of the launch of an app which will give information on IRD events as well as reggae in general.

The participation of partners such as local restaurants is also noteworthy for Davis as this, she feels, takes the day’s observation to the people in a variety of settings.

The global reach of the music is also being highlighted this year with IRD activities being staged on the Hawaiian island of Waikiki in the Pacific.

“This event came about through discussions with associates in that market and what we will see is a Reggae Day Picnic at the Queen Kapiolani Park, which will feature the Royal Hawaiian Band playing reggae music as well as other reggae acts from that territory passing through.”

The reggae day celebrations will also be observed at Miss Lilly’s restaurant in New York as well as at Spur Tree restaurant in that North American city. Sandals Resorts have also bought into the festivities and starting at 8:00 pm on July 1 all their resorts globally will stage a reggae party for guests.

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