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Toots Hibbert
Toots Hibbert—

By Shereita Grizzle—

It has been a year since singer Toots Hibbert, lead singer for the iconic group, Toots and the Maytals, suffered head injuries from an incident which took place at a concert in Richmond, Virginia. The artist is still in recovery mode, but that has not stopped persons from attempting to conduct business on behalf of the group.

The Gleaner spoke to Angela Davis, a member of the group’s management team, who confirmed the news. Although she remained tight-lipped about the type of business persons were attempting to conduct on behalf of the group, Davis said legal action would be taken against these persons if they did not cease and desist.

“We understand that persons have been misrepresenting the group, and so, we sent out a public advisory via our Facebook page to create awareness of the situation,” she said. Davis also explained that the only persons authorised to conduct business on behalf of Toots and the Maytals are the members of their management team. “Only I (Angela Davis), Joel Menzin and Jeff Wooding are to conduct business on the group’s behalf, anyone else is unauthorised,” she warned. Persons are encouraged to contact the above named persons with any official business regarding the group.



Davis also offered an update on the singer’s condition, saying, “He is still suffering from the effects of the injuries he sustained in that incident, but the recovery continues.” A definite time on a full recovery for Hibbert and his return to the stage remains unknown, as Davis says the team is still awaiting official word from doctors.

Reports of the May 19 incident last year stated that the entertainer was injured from a bottle thrown at the stage by a 19-year-old male patron. The accused, William C. Lewis, was charged with aggravated assault and public intoxication in relation to the incident.


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