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Dancehall/Reggae artist Mr. Absolute formerly known as Shaggy Wonder is determined to relive the glory days of his long and storied career.

The St. Catherine native made his breakthrough in the music business in 1989 with a controversial single called Blue Bomber, which was produced by Wayne Marsh on the Star Track label.

In 1994 he scored big with the perennial sound-system anthem called Rush Dem, which was produced by Delroy Collins on the Rhythm Track label. This song placed him on Dancehall and Reggae charts worldwide and won him an enduring following on the underground Dancehall scene.

“Rush Dem is a song that cannot die, every sound man in the world wants it to play as a dubplate special. I get request for it quite frequently from DJs and selectors all over the world.”

In the ensuing years Mr. Absolute recorded numerous hits under the guidance of Courtney Cole of Roof Records. Two of his biggest hits produced by Cole were Hide and Lick which was done in tandem with Reggae legend Gregory Isaacs and Give Us Strength ft. Garnett Silk.

Garnet Silk

Garnet Silk

“I was the first artist to record for Roof Records, I also brought other artists to the label including Garnett Silk, Jigsy King and Tony Curtis. During my time at Roof I recorded some of the biggest hits of my career. Most of those songs are still fan favorites today, I have to perform them wherever I go,” said the artist.

Mr. Absolute who changed his name from Shaggy Wonder, four years ago is now working with a new management team which includes Ransford Richards CEO of Star Bwoy Records and Donald Crasman of Wow Entertainment.

“I’m working with a solid management team that is 100 percent behind my career, so right now the sky is the limit. I’m working hard to take my career to a higher level, I want to take it beyond my glory days in the 90s.”

He is also promoting several new songs including Stronger than before which is the title of his upcoming album, a remake of Blue Bomber, Plead My Cause, Happy Wid Yuh Self, Cornfield  Pull Up Your Pants.

“I have a lot of hot new songs out that are getting strong airplay. Most of these songs were produced by my producer Doug/E Mack for rhythmax Records imprint in Florida. I am also working with a couple other producers including Jah Wayne of Lazeme Records, I have a song called Waah Money coming out on his label soon,” said Mr. Absolute.

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