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1. What is the inspiration behind your single ‘Trigger’?
The fact that many people when they see people do something they are always quick to judge,yeah dah man deh fi dead or dah man deh fi gah prison, but they don’t know the full story andthis song is just basically telling you a story, a real story of someone who is quite educated and
had no other option.
2. Who are some of the masterminds behind this video?
Wayne South and Andre Morris, my husband.
3. What has been to response to this single?
You know, the last time I went on tour in France, I performed in Switzerland and I didn’t do thesong and a lady waited for me with her son in her hand and waited for me to come off the stageand said, “Etana, I’m very upset because you didn’t do Trigger. The response has been great! Likeall over the world and especially in the UK too so I’m grateful.
4. How do you stay ahead of the game being a female artist in such a male-dominated industry?
Stay focused on what my initial goals were and what my goals are today and being as aggressiveas possible without thinking about being in the ‘boys club’.
5. You will be releasing your I Rise album in October, what was the process like putting together an album?
It wasn’t that hard. I had some of the best people, if not the best people in Jamaica alongside Clive Hunt who is the producer. Barbwiya from C-Sharp, Ian from C-Sharp too, as well Sherieta Lewis, Andel Tucker, Sly on one, Robbie Lyn, Kirkledove that plays drums Axeman from way backwhen, just the best. Dean Frazer is on there playing horns. I didn’t have much struggle. It wasn’teven a struggle to write any song. Whenever I feel like I needed anyone in a session just to havea little variation in maybe style or melody I would pull for still the best, even Ian wrote a song. Hewrote On my Way with me, Barbwiya wrote By Your Side with me. They were all Jamaicans.
6. Give a brief description of what we can expect from your I Rise album?
Whole heap of, whole heap of, whole heap of emotions, a whole heap of passion, even in theproduction there is such passion because of Clive Hunt. He plays every instrument that you couldever think of and he is kind of free spirited like me. But what came out of each session was like abigger sound than what I expected with instruments that you don’t normally hear in reggaemusic again. It’s a big album.
7. What are your current projects in addition to your album?
Style Etana the skirt line, Etana Blends which is the body bars and oils, organic stuff; theJewellery Box, that’s the new addition of hand-painted jewellery, wooden jewellery and evensome pieces, different pieces from different places all over the world.


8. There are no collabs on your album, any reason why?
No, I would just say probably because of my schedule and keeping up with another artiste. Tome, I like things to happen freely, so, naturally, if it’s not happening naturally and my team istrying to find somebody, I don’t like that. I just think that it won’t feel as real and it won’t soundas real. Everything needs to happen naturally for it to come off as organic as I would it to.

9. Do you have plans for any collabs?
I do. There is Fortunate Youth which is an American band and Marlon Asher (Ganja Farmer).
a. How about working with a Marley or persons of that sort?
You know, I would never rule it out. As a matter of fact Stephen Marley has produced asong with me already. I’m not sure why it hasn’t been released yet. I don’t know whathe’s doing with his project but it’s a really really good project and since he hasn’t saidanything to anyone, I don’t want to do it either. I think it’s remarkable. Its incrediblewhat he did but as far as collaboration with them, whenever they are ready I’m ready orwhenever it comes about naturally, I’ll be happy to do it.
10. On the topic of collaborations, how was it working with Jo Mersa on your single Thy Will BeDone?
That was natural. It was very cool. He seems to be level-headed, firm in all his beliefs andknowledge. He’s just a very cool individual. He’s very smooth.
Jo Mersa

Jo Mersa

11. What is next for Etana?
Just tours, Touring, touring, touring, touring, touring and touring some more. All over, from theUS to the UK, to Europe, my wish is to also tour through Canada but for everything else it’s a go.I’m ready and set.
12. Your upcoming US shows, will those be by tracks or band?
Band, only by band; my own band, Raw Soul Rebels.

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