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Tom Laing

Tom Laing

Reggae singer Tom Laing has been living in New York over two decades. But he has never lost touch with his roots. Growing up as a youth in Trench Town, Jamaica he was exposed to the sounds of such musical greats as Bob Marley & the Wailers, Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson, the Skattalites and many others who helped to shape the sound of popular Jamaican music in its early stages.

“Growing up in Trench Town was a great experience, there was music everywhere. It was almost mind blowing, you were surrounded by music everywhere you turned. The whole place was populated by many musicians and singers. That experience had a great impact on me as a youth.” The influence of many of his musical heroes is evident in his raspy trademark roots Reggae sound, which has endeared him to Reggae music fans all over the world.

“A lot of people have told me that they love my sound. Several musicians and singers have described it as an incredible sound. I have been honing this sound for years. Although its my original sound I guess when people listen to my music they probably hear something that reminds them of some of the earlier singers in Reggae music. I must admit I was influenced by many of those great singers,” said Laing.
Since the launch of his career over a decade ago Tom Laing has consistently released a number of roots Reggae and lovers rock singles that have helped to the lay the foundation of his successful career.

Gregory Isaacs

Gregory Isaacs

“I love singing good songs, my songs always have a positive message, whether its a love song or culture song. I want my music to last for a very long time, I’m not into music to get rich quick. From day one I set out with a plan to build an enduring career.”

Tom Laing recently recorded a song from the catalogue of one of his favorite singers Gregory Isaacs. The track he covered from the Cool Ruler’s catalogue is the timeless classic titled Font Door.

“Ive always admired Gregory Isaacs, especially for his writing style and his smooth delivery. When you listen Gregory you can hear his voice gliding smoothly over the rhythm, he is one of the greatest singers of all time. I’ve always wanted to cover one of his tracks so a while back I decided to record Front Door and I think the time is right to release it now,” said the artiste.

Front Door will be released by Laing’s New York based record label Top Tier Records in the second week of October. 

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