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 By Kevin Jackson—
  Marlon “Khaos” Cotterell—–

MARLON Cotterell once had dreams of becoming a recording artiste. However, when that did not work out, he decided on a career in modelling 10 years ago.

A stint with Kingston agency Saint International allowed him to network and meet fashion industry players from around the world.

Those links helped him move to Cape Town in South Africa. Now signed to Icon Models, D&A Model Management and Noir Models Worldwide, the music career he rejected is back on track.

Cotterell is the lead vocalist on the track Sound Boy Killer by nine-piece South African reggae/ska band The Rudimentals. Last week, the single shot to number one on South Africa’s national FM Radio charts.

In an interview with Splash, Cotterell explained how the connection with The Rudimentals came about.

“I met the band through one of my ‘bookers’ at my model agency here in South Africa. The band is predominantly a reggae/ska band with a little fusion of electronic, dancehall, dubstep, drum and bass and hip hop. They thought I’d be a perfect fit for the band being that I’m Jamaican,” said Cotterell.

Now known as Khaos Cotterell, the 32-year-old deejay was a member of the dancehall outfit JOP prior to modelling, along with Sheldon ‘Aidonia’ Lawrence.

“Once a member of JOP, always a member; it’s more like a movement and a family. JOP has been around since 1994,” Cotterell said. “I chose to take a different direction musically. I only did one song with JOP that was released. The name of it is All and Everything, featuring Aidonia and Jay McKay.”

Originally from Cooreville Gardens St Andrew, Cotterell attended St Richard’s Primary and later Meadowbrook High School.

While music was his first choice, he credits fashion for giving him the big break. It is responsible for him being in South Africa.

“I was always fascinated with Africa as a child, being that our ancestors came from the continent. Modelling provided the tool for me to come here so I jumped at the opportunity,” he said.

Khaos Cotterell

Khaos Cotterell

Since relocating to South Africa, Cotterell has been in fashion publications including GQ Style. He has also done work with Hugo Boss, Polo, Bizquit Cognac (a French brand) and Suit Supply, among others.

He pointed out that his association with the Rudimentals has opened even more modelling opportunities for him.

“It has benefited me a lot. People recognise me on the streets, especially clients, which is good because they now book me directly for jobs instead of me going to a casting. We get sponsored by Levi’s and Converse as well, which is awesome when we perform or make an appearance,” said Cotterell.

Now one of the lead vocalists for The Rudimentals, Cotterell also wrote several songs for their upcoming album Blaze Up the Fire.

“The world is a big place and there are many markets that I’d love to get a foothold in like, Australia and New Zealand. They have some of the biggest festivals that side,” Cotterell said. “I’d like to spread the music all across Africa and east Europe as well. So the focus is to put out more international type music to break into these markets.”

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