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The reggae star gave Somerset House a sweet taste of Jamaica.

By Dionne Grant

REBEL SPIRIT: Chronixx on stage at Somerset House last night [PIC CREDIT: Tony @ Black Ink]

EVEN THE rain took a break from its scheduled programming to enjoy the soothing sounds of Jamaican reggae sensation Chronixx at his headline show in London’s Somerset House last night (July 12).

The outspoken artist brought a taste of Jamaica – complete with a slight glimmer of sun and support from fellow singer Dre Island – to the gloomy city, which had been beaten with spells of rain throughout the day.

Even the men’s final at Wimbledon ground to a halt as the rain belted down just hours before Chronixx took to the stage.

But all of that was a distant memory when the 22-year-old, complete with his four-piece band, lit up the open-air venue to a sold-out crowd.

The singer, who expressed in an earlier interview with The Voice that it “sometimes feels as though his music was created specially for the UK market”, opened his set with the defiant Alpha & Omega

“Uplifting mi sistren, tell ah she, Selassie I love star… Babylon di system falling, But this is just di beginning…”

And true to form, the night carried a similar rebel spirit.

“I gimmi dem remedy the fire fi go blaze, Bun babylon dutty ways,” he sung out onEternal Fire.

And again in Spirulina, the dreadlocked star warned the culturally-diverse crowd: “Rastafari run di continent. Dis king Selassi I you pay the consequence, don’t get it confuse”

But then came Smile Jamaica a beautiful ode to the “sweetest” girl Jamaica, a metaphor for his beloved Caribbean homeland.

“A beautiful woman with the sweetest gifts, beautiful sunrise and an evening kiss, of a nice sunset in the evening seas,” he mused.

The night was a slow burner, which built up to a cascading climax ushered in with the performance of his highly-anticipated seminal track, Here Comes Trouble.

As a sea of red, green and gold flags – the Rastafari colours – swayed from “left, right” as instructed by the man of the moment, he belted out the popular hit with the full backing of the crowd.

It wasn’t long before the young star informed the crowd that his time on stage had come to an end, which ultimately drew boos from his supporters.

CRAZY FOR CHRONIXX: The reggae star revels in his moment on stage at Somerset House last night (July 12) [PIC CREDIT: Chronixx Instagram]

“You want me to go on longer?” he teased, which prompted a unanimous “yes” response.

“Well, come to Jamaica,” he said. “The parties go on longer, the weather is sweeter and sometimes things go down on the beach.”

He ended his set with a well-received tribute to the late Jamaican reggae artist Jacob Miller and his hit Tenement Yard. Miller perished in a car accident, aged just 27.

Together with Miller’s former band, Inner Circle, Chronixx performed a new version of the hit, titled Tenement Yard (News Carrying Dread) where he blasts those who partake in idle gossip.

“Ohhoo dreaaaaadd you mouth ago put you inna problem,” he sings in the popular bridge.

“Seems like you is a news carrying dread…He that keepeth his mouth shall stay out a problem,” the warning went on.

However, after his time on stage last night, it’s certain the self-titled ‘dread’ will want news of his resounding success on British shores to travel far and wide.

In April, he told The Voice: “Please put that in the newspaper: Chronixx is really grateful for the love he’s been getting in the UK. I really want everybody to see and hear that.”

Further expressing his love for his British fanbase, the singer, born Jamar Rolando McNaughton, added.

“When I’m there I feel like I’m a musician; like an artist. The UK is one of those places that still appreciates good music.”

And legendary UK-based reggae DJ, David Rodigan, who was in attendance last night, was one of the first off the block to show just how much he appreciated the Jamaican’s set, taking to Twitter to congratulate the singer.

“Heartfelt congratulations to ‪@IAmChronixx & Zinc Fence for a magnificent, soul stirring concert last night at Somerset House,” he wrote.

A sentiment shared by many.


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