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 By Everard Owen—
 The family of four (from left) Leanna Lee, Carmeka Lee, Jacqueline Thompson and Okeno Holgate all share one bed in the backroom of a relative’s house where they live. (PHOTO: EVERARD OWEN)—

A family of four, which includes a wheelchair bound man is desperately in need of a home to get out of the crammed space they share in the back room of a relative’s house in Waybridge, Portland for the past few years.

The mother, two teen daughters and her 24-year-old physically challenged son all share a single bed, in the room which an aunt allowed them to stay in after they had been living in the garage for some time.

The mother, Jacqueline Thompson, said she is unable to earn a living to provide for the daughters who are now in high school as she is the sole caregiver of her 24-year-old physically challenged son.

Thompson told the Jamaica Observer North East that she needs help to get back on her feet.

“I need some help, food to give to the children to eat, money to get some clothes, and a house to live in. It is very hard to find things for them to eat,” she said, explaining that the girls’ father is mentally challenged and cannot help. She explained that he used to work at the National Water Commission, but lost his job when he became ill.

(L-R) THOMPSON...I need some help. Pastor Roy Titus said the family’s situation is dire.. (PHOTOS: EVERARD OWEN)

(L-R) THOMPSON…I need some help. Pastor Roy Titus said the family’s situation is dire.. (PHOTOS: EVERARD OWEN)

Thompson said she tried selling fish to make a living, but that did not last as she was unable to compete with other vendors who were mobile.

The mother said she has been living off the goodwill of others, such as the operator of a grocery shop, Denny Palmer, who sometimes help with food . Despite being promised a house by the local political representative, Thompson said she is yet to get any help.

According to Thompson, she has been informed by the councillor that an application requesting a house has been submitted on her behalf to Food for the Poor but despite identifying a spot she is yet to receive word on whether she will be approved.

Justice of the peace and pastor of the Church of God in Christ at Long Road, Roy Titus, who has been trying to get assistance for the family, said their situation is dire as the mother is unable to work.

“The condition they live in is very bad, and I have tried to help but have decided to see if they can get some help. I have seen the situation is very deplorable for someone to live in and unbearable,” he said.

Pastor Titus said he has since submitted two applications and photograph to Food for the Poor, but has also not received any news on whether they will be approved.

Tameka &

Carmeka & Okeno

“It is unbearable and I want them to come and do something for them. I went to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, and they gave a wheelchair for the young man. She can’t work as she has to take care of the young man in the wheelchair and the two girls are going to school,” he said, adding, “It is bad and they need the help, so I took it on myself to seek help for them.”

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