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 By Simon Morgan–

 Harry Toddler–

DANCEHALL artist Harry Toddler has said he is being targeted by a particular member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

The latest incident, according to the entertainer, occurred along the Palisadoes main road in Kingston on Monday evening.

“Me just pick up me babymother and child from the airport and a head back in and was signalled to stop by a police patrol. As them approach, me recognise one of the officers dem cuz him stop me twice before. Them never ask about my vehicle documents or even search the vehicle, him just say him a charge me for reckless driving,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

The entertainer said when he questioned why he was being ticketed, the lawman requested a baton and threatened to beat him. He was then handcuffed and placed in the back of the patrol car.

“The other police asked where him a carry me and him say Harbour View Police Station. But as me reach on Harbour View Road, dem ask me what me can do for me self. Me tell them me inna handcuff so me can’t do anything and told them to speak to me babymother,” he said.

Members Of The Jamaica Police Force

Members Of The Jamaica Police Force

He stated that it was only when the mother of his child paid over US$300 to the police officers that he was released.

According to Toddler, this is the third time that he has been stopped by the same lawman, who, on every occasion, threatens and verbally abuses him.

“I am going to report the matter to the relevant authorities, as the incidents are getting worse. I am now beginning to fear for my life. I am not a troublemaker, so I don’t know why this man keep on a terrorise me. I even lost my diamond ring in the process and my arm is swollen and bruised from how tightly the handcuff gripped me,” he said.

Harry Toddler, whose given name is Patrick Jackson, said although he is still shaken up by the latest incident, he is still promoting his latest singles We Nuh Normal and Own Bout Yah, a collaboration with dancer John Hype.

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