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OVER the years, Turf Music Entertainment, handlers of dancehall reggae star Busy Signal, had to issue statements “setting the record straight” by denying any links to Zimbabwean promoters or having scheduled shows in the country.

Busy Signal

Dancehall music lovers, desperate for international reggae superstars like Busy Signal to come to their country had all but given up — forced to get accustomed second-rate artists, who in all fairness short-changed them with lukewarm performances.

Starved of quality entertainment and left with no option, music lovers would throng these mediocre events and music promoters would make a killing, but not this time. Busy Signal has not only confirmed that he is coming to Zimbabwe, but that he is bringing his full band.

First he tweeted, twice, then posted on his Facebook page before broadcasting a video to confirm his Harare gig. It is confirmed, Busy Signal, born Glendale Goshia Gordon, will be performing live at the Glamis Arena on October 24 after several attempts by different promoters to bring the “Reggae Music Again” singer to Zimbabwe.

Indeed it was no easy task. It took three top entertainment brands in Zimbabwe to pull off the job. In an unprecedented move, two of the country’s top promoters, Devine Assignments and Chipaz Promotions, put aside their differences to bring one of the most celebrated dancehall reggae artists of his generation to Zimbabwe.

Busy Signal

Busy Signal

The fact that this is a Harare International Carnival event is a recipe for success. But why is it so difficult to bring high profile artists to Zimbabwe?

“These are top artists that do not just throw themselves about for any amount. They price themselves properly, do not overbook themselves and demand professionalism and everything to be on point for their performance,” said Biggie Chinoperekwei of Devine Assignments, one of the promoters organising the show.

He added:

“Busy Signal is the kind of artiste who will not go to a performance without his band, which is why he is bringing his 12-member outfit. He does not put his reputation on the line easily, which is why getting a confirmation from him or his management on whether he will be performing in a certain place is not easy.

“Now that he has twitted and posted on Facebook and even made a video drop, with his level of professionalism, it is given that he is on his way and all we have to do now is ensure that his technical rider is adhered to the letter.”

Chinoperekwei, who was crowned best promoter in 2013, added that like in football, agents are an important part of music promotion, especially when dealing with international artists.

“These international stars have booking agents that they trust. It is easier to go through these agents than try to go it alone as a promoter especially when you are from these parts of the world,” said Chinoperekwei.

His counterpart, Partson Chimbodza of Chipaz Promotions, who was the National Arts Merit Awards Promoter of the Year in 2012, also confirmed that it had been no easy task getting Busy Signal to Harare.

“I can confirm that everything is on course. The show is on and will be held on October 24. We have finalised much of the paper work and what only remains is for Busy Signal and his team to come and deliver as highly anticipated.

“Busy Signal is a world class act and I’m certain fans will get value for their money. But I must confess that it has not been easy bringing the Jamaican superstar to Zimbabwe. It has taken a lot of hard work on our part as the organisers to guarantee the success of this visit.

“This event will be a night to remember. Busy Signal will be supported by our top artists mostly from the Zimdancehall genre thus we expect nothing short of fireworks,” said Chimbodza.

Busy Signal will be supported by Zimdancehall’s finest; Winky D, Dadza D, Killer T, Soul Jah Love and Seh Calaz. To spice up the event, the most sought-after performer at the moment, Jah Prayzah, will add the much-needed diversity to the dominantly dancehall reggae affair.

With all the aforementioned arsenal, this event, which has been dubbed, “Carnival after Party”, still needed Government backing through the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA).

Busy Signal

Busy Signal

To date the ZTA has brought in or had a hand in more visits by international artists than any other organisation in the country — they boast both experience and the muscle to do so.

It probably would have been another failure had any one of the three partners (ZTA, Devine Assignments and Chipaz Promotions) tried to go it alone in bringing in Busy Signal.

Said ZTA corporate affairs manager Sugar Chagonda:

“We are very much excited. Working with private players has added value to this event as indicated by our success in bringing Busy Signal. This high value artiste is good for this country as a tourist destination and hopefully Zimbabweans and our visitors from other countries will enjoy this dish that they have been served.”

While contracts have been signed and confirmations by the artist and his company have been made – dancehall reggae music lovers await with bated breath the arrival of the Jamaican superstar.


Born on January 24 1982 in Jamaica, Busy Signal boasts a string of hits, which include his “One More Night”, “Come Over”, “Watch For Out This”, “Tic Toc” and “Sweet Love”, to name just a few.

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