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 Bushman banks on Your Living—-

CONSCIOUS reggae singer Bushman is hoping for another hit from his latest single Your Living. According to the entertainer, the song speaks volumes to one’s inner self and will leave the listeners in a deep meditation.

“This song is really to inspire people to calculate their life, and are you happy with it, what can you do to improve your life and your children’s life. It’s a question for the people to answer,” the singer told Splash.

Bushman further stated that he hopes each listener will achieve a sense of critical thinking, social awareness, self-awareness and self-worth.

“Self-worth is something that Jamaican people are lacking, where in other countries people demand the Government to represent them, they will march and demonstrate for better pay, roads, education, health care. In Jamaica self-worth is low and the Governments just please themselves without caring about the general impact their decisions have on everyday life,” he said.


Your Living was produced by Bushman’s Burning Bushes Music label and released on Monday to mark the anniversary of H.I.M Haile Selassie I Imperial Majesty’s Coronation.

Bushman, whose given name is Dwight Duncan, hails from the parish of St Thomas. The baritone voice of Bushman has a notable resemblance to Peter Tosh’s tone. Among his hit singles are Call the Hearse, Fire Pon A Weak Heart, and a medley with various artists called Remember the Days.



The entertainer returned to the island earlier this week from New York where he spent three weeks recording at Sydney Mills studio on the final stages of his upcoming album called Conquering Lion. Slated to be released in the spring of 2016, Conquering Lion will boast a 15-song track listing and will feature songs like Jungle Proverbs, Somewhere and Your Living. Also included in his upcoming releases is a tribute to Dennis Brown called The General. Next Friday, the singer will also be performing alongside Jah Bouks and Taurus Riley at the Rastafari Fest in Negril.

— Simone Morgan

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